Sometimes…Sometimes…There Are Things More Important Than Trivia Tournaments (IKR?)

I’m looking at the semifinal and state championship dates for the Sporcle Live trivia league, which are Saturday, June 8 and Saturday, June 15.

Hmmmm…I’m not even 100 percent certain that I’d be able to play in any tournaments on these dates! My niece will be graduating from high school in late May, 2019, and her graduation party will be scheduled on a weekend sometime after that. Chances are probably good that her graduation party will be scheduled during the “tournament window. ” And that’s…OK! I have yet to hear from her folks about what date the graduation party (aka the “open house”) is planned. My husband and I definitely plan to be there for this event, and it will mean a 10-hour trip one way by car. So it would pretty much eat up a long weekend.

It’s all good! My trivia team has been taking a far more “relaxed” view of competitive trivia as of late. We’ve pretty much stopped playing My Trivia Live games for the time being, and will be playing Sporcle Live shows on kind of a sporadic basis (not in the same place every week). One of the trivia spots we were hoping we’d be able to visit every week will be moving its start time to an hour later, so this week will be the last week we’ll be playing at Tower Inn. This week, weather permitting, plans are to play Tuesday at Tower Inn and Thursday at Original Gravity.

Next week, we may start playing at Corner Brewery every other week or so. Neither my husband or I are interested in playing there every week (because we don’t like having to get there at 6 to babysit a table), though there are a couple of other players on our team who like playing there. So we’ll compromise a BIT! I may start having more Fridays off, so weather permitting, OG games could also be scheduled on the “odd” weeks. I will try to set up some kind of “rotation.”

Never a dull moment!


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