That Time A Dog Lost His Shit Because of a…Stuffed Octopus

My husband and I were taking a walk on an unseasonably warm day on Saturday, January 5 at Crosswinds Marsh in Sumpter Township, MI. Crosswinds Marsh is a “mitigated wetland,” which means it was created to replace other wetlands that were destroyed to…build stuff. In this case, Crosswinds was created when the runway was expanded at Detroit Metropolitan Airport in the mid 1990s. You can read more about this place here.

It’s a good place to go when weather is “just right.” Not too hot, not too cold, not too buggy. Temperatures were hovering in the upper 40s when we took our walk there, so other than some muddy/wet patches of path, it was a nice hike!

We took a brief break and sat on a bench. And a dog on a leash started tugging at his/her leash and lunging in my direction – while growling. Uh…OK!

“It’s just an octopus…on her purse,” the dog’s owner said to the dog, as though the dog could somehow understand (I do not think it’s remotely odd to talk to animals, I do it all of the time). True, I actually keep a couple of small plush octopuses “leashed” to my purse. They were both gifts – one was given to me by my friend’s sister-in-law, her name is Cthylla. The other was given to me by Kim, and her name is Kiribati. I can’t explain WHY I carry them on my purse, but I just…do!


Cthylla is on the left, Kiribati is on the right. Cthylla is into the 50 Shades stuff, as evidenced by the fact that she’s being choked by a ponytail holder and is attached to a ‘biner (LOL)!

I honestly don’t know what would make these little plush cuties make a dog lose his or her shit and growl! But that’s what they did. And I guess, to that, I will say…”Good girls!” Funny, earlier in the day, we were at a car dealership getting a tire fixed, and I dangled Cthylla in the air so that a baby could see it. She was…mesmerized! So I guess you could say reactions to my cephalopod “menagerie” are mixed.

After the dog incident, I decided to take a selfie with Cthylla…who within a span of hours, managed to mesmerize an infant – and anger a dog. Now THAT’s power!


That’s my girl!

Here are a few other photos from our walk…




Three swans a’swimming…


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