No Love From the Work Gloves!

On Saturday, Dec. 8, I bought a pair of mechanic’s gloves at Ace Hardware in Sumpter Township MI, and began using them Monday, Dec. 10. Before Christmas had rolled around, fingers had already started to blow out on them. Here are some “before” and “after” photos:


“Before” picture of gloves, December 8, 2018


“After” photo taken today (Jan. 5, 2019) note they started wearing out a good while before this photo was taken, today was the first chance I had to go buy new gloves. I paid $9.99 for these! Note that one of the fingers has mailing tape on them! When I start “repairing” my gloves, it’s time to replace ’em!

So how did I use these gloves? Well, I didn’t use them to work on cars! I did use them to protect my hands during work involving the handling and breaking down of cardboard¬† boxes, handling of various merchandise, etc. Not really heavy duty stuff that would warrant them wearing out after only a couple of weeks! So disappointed. Wish I’d kept my receipt. I definitely give two thumbs down to these gloves. Ironically enough the thumbs didn’t show any wear at all – all of the wear was in the index/middle fingers which I must use the most (go figure that I’d use my middle finger a lot at work)! Another complaint I have about these gloves was that the red dye in the fingers ran onto my own fingers which left me… red-handed (LOL).

Today, I visited Auto Zone in Ypsilanti, MI – a place where I’ve purchased all of my work gloves in the past. They also have really good customer service here, as a side note (and good music – I was groovin’ on Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell while I was in line). I’ve tried a couple of different kinds of gloves, but have had a good experience with these:


I like the polyurethane palms better than latex – which make my hands feel “swampy” and have a nasty smell, and better than nitrile, which also has kind of a funny smell and (also wear out a bit too soon). These gloves pictured here cost a mere $3 – and tend to last 2-3 months! Had these been available at Ace Hardware, I would have bought these. I would definitely recommend these gloves if you’re in the market for some basic “work gloves.” They fit nicely and still allow finer dexterity, similar to what you’d have if you didn’t wear any gloves at all.

And…just so this isn’t just a boring “sleep aid” blog about work gloves, now for a little diversion!


Rejected cover art for the Spinal Tap album Smell the Glove. The band members were surprised this was considered sexist!

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