What Are Our 2019 Trivia Plans? Hmmm….

I guess since it’s a new year, and a new Sporcle Live trivia season begins next week, I SHOULD say what the ‘Pods plan will be!

You know what? I don’t really have one! Other than playing Tuesday nights at Tower Inn – when we feel like it – I’m kind of leaving everything else open. Occasional Thursdays at Original Gravity are NOT being ruled out – especially when Dave can come out. Occasional Saturdays at Oscar’s are also NOT being ruled out! I actually talked to Evan about this in our trivia game last night, explaining to him that I was just taking a break from the weekend games last season, but I’d be up for playing there again (maybe once a month or so). It’s all part of my New Year’s resolution to try listening to players on my trivia team a bit better. Brad is kind of a “special” case, since he has so many restrictions/caveats about where and when he will play. So I will only throw him so many bones.

The players on my team also include my main “trivia pardner,” Mike. He likes keeping things simple – and isn’t interested in being tied to a place we don’t enjoy playing, or “having” to play games just to qualify in a place we don’t enjoy. I’m on board with that. He’s been along for quite the wild ride in terms of my trivial obsessions/pursuits over the past…going on seven years (yes seven years, our team turns 7 next month), so I can spot him that.

We have no real plans to qualify in the My Trivia Live league at this point. We “tried out” a trivia spot and it just didn’t seem to be working out in our favor. Is karma a bitch? We qualified for semifinals for eight consecutive seasons at two different Ypsilanti, MI bars, and won the top $2,500 prize at the finals in July, 2017. Maybe the fact we ran into some rough seas at the new spot we were trying out is proof that it’s time to pay the piper (I really don’t want to overthink things too much – there’s plenty of time to do that during trivia games, LOL). Sometimes a trivia spot is… just not that into you.


We met a couple of players who qualify through barhop every season, so should they need dates to the “big dance” again, we’d most certainly say “yes!” We actually teamed up quite well in the last finals, complementing each other pretty well in terms of knowledge areas and even age (they  were both a bit older than us).

Even if these players don’t ask us to play with them again, I do know plenty of other folks in the league. When one door closes, yada yada…

That’s it for this trivia update. I’ll see YOU in the next blog I post…or the next game recap I post! My motto is “Trivia on, and be excellent to each other.”


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