Hey…At Least We Got SOME Prize Money Tonight!

I brought a team of six players to a trivia night tonight at a place famous for its “megateams.” How did we do? We got a third place in game one and a $5 prize. I gave the $5 prize to the “birthday boy,” Mike, who celebrated his birthday on Jan. 1. Here’s your birthday present from the ‘Pods!

Hey…a $5 prize is better than NO MONEY!

We only missed a perfect game by TWO POINTS going into the game one final…and got the game one final correct (which, BTW, was ALL me). But we only had a mere SIX players, and the other teams outnumbered us significantly. So We only managed to finish in third in game one.

This is exactly why we don’t play at this “megateam” spot every week. I guess the only solace was that as a league team, we did…quite well!  A league “megateam” called the Macho Nachos bested us by two points in game one, and all of the teams winning prizes in game two were non-league teams.

Funny, I was able to chip on one of the visual mystery round questions because of a blog I just posted about EGOT winners (go figure)! The guy won his first three Grammy Awards in 2005, and most recently portrayed Jesus in a televised production of Jesus Christ Superstar (which I actually watched…and enjoyed).

Still a fun trivia night! I had six good players, including our “millennial” player Evan, who rarely gets out to play with us on weeknights. And I always have fun with Kimberly on trivia nights! She is so…mellow! We play off each other so well.

Read more about all of this in Thursday’s “captain’s log” and recap!

Cheers, y’all! Thanks for stopping by!





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