Feeling Like Some Kind Of…Bizarro Peggy Bundy!

Our friend Brad was talking about meeting with my husband today to watch some kind of bowl game that U of M is playing in or something. So when this morning rolled around, I reminded my husband about this and asked if he still wanted to go do this. He said “Yes, but I will not be there right when the game starts.”


A rare sighting – Peggy Bundy cleaning the house

I was overjoyed, but not for the reasons you would think. I know nobody is going to believe me when I say why I was happy he was going to leave me alone in the house for a bit. But I was overjoyed because I WANTED A CHANCE TO CLEAN THE HOUSE. It’s a bit of a challenge having a spouse who works from home. He’s pretty much ALWAYS here when I’m here. I prefer to do cleaning when I have the house to myself. Even if I’m not blaring ’80s jams while I’m doing it! It’s just easier to focus…and to concentrate.

While he was watching the game at a local watering hole, here’s what I managed to accomplish:

  • Cleaned the inside and outside of the microwave (it was super gross)
  • Did ALL of the dishes
  • Vacuumed the area rugs and floors
  • Cleaned the downstairs half bathroom (I even cleaned the mirror)
  • Put away a bunch of crap that was just lying around
  • Put all of the returnable cans in the car hole

The game didn’t go quite the way they wanted, so they took off early. So I uttered something you’ll rarely ever, ever hear me say:

“Gee, it’s too bad Mike got home before I could finish cleaning the stove.” And also, “I cleaned out the microwave, honey.”

He was pleasantly surprised.

“But it was my turn to do the dishes,” he said.

“You’re welcome,” I said, doing my best impression of Donna Reed on whatever show she was on. Father Knows Best? My Three Sons? Meh, I’m too lazy to Google that. Let’s say Barbara Billingsley on Leave it to Beaver.  If instead of a taffeta gown, perfectly coiffed hair and heels – she wore fuzzy sleep pants with Hello Kitty on them and a drab grey hoodie. With uncombed slept-on hair.


Barbara Bilingsley in Airplane!

Those pre-moistened cleaning wipes are the BALLS! They made short work of cleaning the greasy crud in the microwave, which was doing its best impression – as of late – of one of those convenience store microwaves. Sadly, the cleaning wipes do not do as good of a job on cooktop stoves as they do on toilets, microwaves, countertops and essentially everything else. Will have to pick up soft scrubby cleaner when we’re out running errands later. I WILL conquer cleaning that stove!

Ugh. As I’m listening to the stove pre-heating so I can throw in a frozen pizza (behold how much of a gourmet chef I am, LOL), I am reminded that the INSIDE of that stove also needs to be cleaned. Meh, as long as the smoke alarm doesn’t go off because of all of that burned crap on the inside it’s all good…right?

It’s high time for the maid to return from her long, long vacation! LOL…

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