Doing Something Completely Different For Trivia Next Week…

Last Thursday, we split our ranks for trivia – with two of our players doing their best “Dynamic Duo” impression, and myself and four other women trying to be a “Fantastic Five.” Isn’t alliteration a big thing in the comic universe? Lex Luthor? Peter Parker? Green Goblin? My husband said that Stan Lee used to do that kind of stuff on purpose to help him remember his characters’ names (makes sense).

Next week, we’re doing something…completely different! I am attempting to assemble a “Mega Dream Team.” It’s not alliterative, but it is….what it is. A big team with players whom I believe are the best I can find from other league teams. It will be a one-night only engagement. It’s going well so far! Our “millennial” Evan is supposed to come, Kim said she can play (she is geeked that it’s  a Sporcle game instead of a MTL game), Kirsten is also coming. She’s a real wild card in trivia! She’s great with current events, business/industry news, and even comes through with some sports answers. She and Cathy were a true “dynamic duo” in the game last Thursday! I’m still having a real chuckle over Cathy, a non-drinker, being the MVP of our “cocktails” halftime round! She may not partake of cocktails, but she sure knew their names pretty well!

Tonight, I get to have the car for a couple of hours so I get to hit up a trivia game at a spot I haven’t visited since…August? Or was it September? I just checked – it was August. It’s all part of a year-end “blitz” I’m trying to do – visiting spots I haven’t played in a while. For purposes of clarification, I’m including the next holiday week as part of 2018 and not really counting the “new year” until the new Sporcle season begins Jan. 7.

I wanted to try playing at Original Gravity as part of that “year-end blitz,” but that may have to wait until the following Thursday, which may work better since I don’t have to work the next day. I put it to a vote, and Wednesday seemed to be a better day for players than Thursday.

So what did we decide about JB’s Smokehouse? We’ve given it a thumbs-down. We’re not going to be able to sustain a lead there over an 18-week season, and aren’t particularly enjoying the trivia scene there – or the dull, dull drives to Canton. The thought of playing THIRTEEN MORE WEEKS THERE…uh, no! Our only hopes with MTL at this point are trying to snag a lead somewhere six weeks in, joining forces with a barhop team at finals (which we did last season) or just waiting until next season and picking a spot that at least three of us can play every week. MTL does make it a bit rough to qualify – giving teams either the option of playing lots of nights a week and getting a “free pass” to finals (barhop), or being the top dog (or top dogs) at a watering hole. If you try and fail in that task after a few weeks – and see that you’re not going to be able to accomplish your goal, you’re left with few other options. We’re not playing MTL games “just for fun” – we’re playing to try to get a semifinal spot – plain and simple.

Now…if MTL set up shop in a local bar that me and my players actually enjoy hanging out in – even if it’s not a trivia night? Now THAT would be something! They just don’t seem to be gaining any ground in setting up new spots in my ‘hood. Maybe because another trivia company is so dominant? Hmmm….

We plan to start playing at Tower Inn Tuesday nights when the new Sporcle Live season begins. It will be interesting to see how the new qualification process affects how teams wager on final questions. With only the top 12 scores counting out of 21 week-long seasons, I can see conservative zero bets (or low bets) becoming more attractive options for teams. Who knows, though? Lots of teams love the “go big or go home” strategy.

And thus concludes this little trivia “update!” Thanks, as always, for stopping by!

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