Trivia Recap – Dec. 21. 2018 – JB’s Smokehouse

One of our players hit up the My Trivia Live scene at J.B.’s Smokehouse BBQ in Canton Thursday. No prizes, 51 points heading into the final question…
Round One
1. Definitions – What four-letter word can describe a religious image painted in a small wooden panel or a graphic symbol on a computer screen representing an application? 5
2. Animals – The snow leopard is native to mountain ranges on what continent? 3
My attempt to kill y’all with cuteness…a baby snow leopard playing with a sack of something? Look at those paws!
3. Story Characters – What specific character from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland complains about being late at the beginning of the story? 1
Round Two
1. Food Brands – What Nestle frozen pizza brand is called Delissio in Canada? 1
2. Disney – If the Snow White dwarfs’ names were placed in alphabetical order, whose name would be first? 5
3. Presidents – Of all of the presidents who served in the United States, which president was born most recently? Bonus – which president was born earliest in the 20th century? I had the right president birth year for the bonus question, just attached the wrong president to that year, so no points…:(
Round Three
1. British TV – In October, 2018, season 11 of what Sci-Fi series aired episodes simultaneously in the U.S. and the U.K. on both BBC America and the BBC? Yay I can name a British sci-fi series…5
2. Transportation – With 40 million annual visitors, what train station in Washington D.C. was opened in 1907 and now serves as Amtrak’s headquarters? Miss for 1.
3. Superhero Films – The sequel to which “family unfriendly” superhero film is getting a re-release at Christmas time with toned down subject matter? 3
Halftime – Which was published first? Given the authors and two of their works, select which work was published first.
1. J.K. Rowling – Sorcerer’s Stone – or Goblet of Fire
2. Mark Twain – The Adventures of Tom Sawyer – or The Prince and the Pauper
3. George Orwell – 1984 – or Animal Farm
4. John Steinbeck – The Grapes of Wrath – or Of Mice and Men
Missed #2 and #4.
Scores at the half: Six teams, scores 17 to 31 (two teams tied with 31), I was in fourth with 27.
Round Four
1. Animals – To which of these creatures does the adjective musteline relate? Newsletter answer, 6
2. Medicine – If someone is taking an axillary temperature, where are they putting the thermometer? Miss for 2.
3. Pokemon – In October, 2018, in honor of Pokemon Go, what punny name did Topeka, KS adopt for a day? I came up with correct answer after handing in my incorrect one…oops for 4.
Round Five
1. Seasons – In the Northern hemisphere, what season begins when the sun is directly over the Tropic of Cancer? A team consisting of a couple of women sitting down the bar from me blurted out what I thought sounded like a correct answer, so I wrote it down. Got it for 2 (thanks chatty woman)! Hey…take whatever “lifelines” you can get when you’re playing solo!
2. Same Name – What name is shared by Texas’ 24th most populous city and the 39th most populous city in Michigan? I picked a city name that is in both Texas and Michigan, just not the correct one. Ironically enough, when a tiebreaker question about the population of the Texas city is asked later on, I came close to the correct guess (go figure)! Miss for 4.
3. Songwriters – Chelsea Clinton was named for the song Chelsea Morning by what female singer who was also known for the song Big Yellow Taxi? Yay for 6.
Round Six
1. Transportation – What mode of transportation uses a swashplate? All teams missed this, I missed for 2.
2. Advertising – What pair of “sweet” advertising characters are voiced by actors Billy West and J.K. Simmons?
3. Colors – What light color comes in varieties such as salmon and coral? 6
Fifty-one points heading into the final for me – the top team (BNB?) had 61 points. I was tied for fourth with one other team.
Final Category – Politicians (groan…NOT my category….)
In a 1946 California governor’s election, what incumbent governor – and future member of the American Judiciary branch – won both the Republican and Democratic primaries – and eventually won the general election by an overwhelming margin?
I did the best I could to “recreate” this question. I did not write it down word for word, but I did attempt to “vet” it somewhat via wikipedia.
No confidence. Wagered zero…teams #2 and #3 wagered low and got it, team Very Fashionably Late wagered it all and got it finishing with 103 points. When the answer was revealed, all I could think about was The Simpsons…(that’s my weird brain for ya).
Tiebreaker for third asked for population of Midland, TX based on 2015 estimates.
Next trivia outing will be Thursday, December 27. Happy holidays to everyone! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, you annoying, annoying Daleks!

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