Smile – You’re On Candid Camera!

Here are a couple of random “candid” shots of my and my trivia team at tournaments from over the past year and a half or so…


This may not LOOK like a candid photo since Brad is very obviously posing with the oversized check (which is still sitting in my garage). But it’s a very candid photo of my husband Mike and I – and our “helper” David C., who are behind the big check. You can see I’m obviously dealing with the “hugeness” of what just happened. July, 2017. We used the name “Go Pods” because I was worried about “cephalopods” being mispronounced, as has happened in other tournaments.


MTL Finals from February, 2018 in Novi. We had to battle snow on our drive out here. You can see my husband and I under the big screen to the right (Brad and Archie had not yet arrived). We didn’t make any noise in this tournament, which was one day before my birthday! What a nice birthday present THAT would have been!



This could NOT be more of a candid photo! Here we all are – clockwise from left – Matt, Mike, myself, and Archie. I am engrossed in my pre-game doodling ritual. I was actually not very excited to be at this tournament and had given thought to trying to sub myself out for this game (that’s all in the past). From August, 2018.


Me and the “Squirrels” trivia team at the April, 2019 My Trivia Live finals.

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