How Much Do I Love Tooth Pain?

Hmmmm…not  at  all! Having  problems  with  crown  I  had  placed  two  years  ago  that  dentist  was  barely  able  to do (millimeters  from nerve). May  have  to  get  tooth  pulled  or  get  root  canal. All I want  for  Christmas  is…money!

If  you’ve  read  this  far, thanks!   Here’s  a  trivia  quiz: Flint, MI is  Genesee  County’s  most  populous  city  and Burton (which  holds a very  special place  in  my  heart)  clocks  in at #2. It is NOT named for Jack Burton from Big Trouble In Little China. What Genesee  County  city is #3? Hint  – freeway  stop.

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