Could Be A Tight Race For Fifth Place! Which Will Be My Fifth-Most Viewed Blog of 2018 (Dec. 19, 2018)?

Looks like it could be a tight race for the #5 spot among my most viewed blogs of 2018! Here are the blogs in contention (all with 40 views or more) – if you have a “favorite” blog among these, be sure to click on it to show it how much you love it!:

#5 2018: The cabin trip blog – 47 views – This one is a rundown of all of the different cabin trips I’ve taken in Michigan State Parks over the past 15 years or so…

#6 2018: The Doc Holliday blog  – 42 views – profile of Wild West Desperado “Doc” Holliday.

#7 2018: The Fast Times At Miskatonic High blog – 40 views – A “What If” imagining of what a Fast Times at Miskatonic High movie would be like.


More about Billy Beane in a bit!

Not far behind these blogs – possibly in the running to become #6 (at 37 views) – is the recap I wrote about the Dec. 3, 2016 Sporcle Live League championship (ironically enough, this was a game I didn’t even PLAY – this was the “stunt doubles” game where I “hired” a really good team called Teamy McTeamface to sit in for us). I didn’t even know at the time that their team captain, Sarah M., was a five-time Jeopardy! champion! All I knew is that they were really kicking ass and taking names at the YpsiAlehouse and that they were SUPER nice people (a bunch of sweethearts, really). In light of that team ending up winning $750 (I took a 20 percent cut), jokes were hurled my way that I might actually be a better trivia “manager” than a player…(ahem) Should I be the next Billy Beane? The Billy Beane of pub trivia? Maybe “Billie” because I’m a woman? What was his thing called…ah, “sabermetrics.” Triviametrics? This is one of my most-viewed blogs of all time with 82 total views.

Overall, 2018 has been an AMAZING year for this blog site! My stats are through the roof and I have all of YOU to thank for that! I’ll keep on writing ’em if you keep on reading ’em!

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