Tuesday’s The Day! I Shall Go Into The Mouth of Carpenters’ Madness!

Sunday morning at work, I made an offhand comment to my co-workers about how absolutely unfair it was that they played TWO holiday songs from the Carpenters in a row. I said that it was a violation of the Geneva Conventions. JK, of course! None of my co-workers would get that reference. But I did whine about it being…unfair. I joked that I would listen to the entire Carpenters Christmas album in its entirety and would wind up pouring hot oil in my ears – and would thus call off work. To which my supervisor said…

I’d still tell you to get your ass into work anyway.


This album, Christmas Portrait,  was the focus of a 1978 TV special.


Tuesday, I plan to live up to my claims to my co-workers – and listen  to the Carpenters  Christmas  album (Christmas Portrait)  in  its  entirety and blog about the experiences  in  real  time as I listen. If you do not see any blog posts from me after this one, then it means I am shuddering in an asylum somewhere  in a straitjacket. If that happens, please know that I love you all! May the deity  of  your choice have  mercy on my soul. “Suit me up, boys  – I’m  going  in.”

In the movie Addams Family Values, Wednesday, Pugsley and Wednesday’s…suitor – have to spend a few hours in the “Harmony Hut” because the camp counselors deem that they are just too…weird and freaky. So they sequester them in the Harmony Hut and make them watch the 1982 movie Annie, among other cheesy films.


Wednesday and Pugsley Addams in the “Harmony Hut.”


And to close this out, here’s a funny, relevant meme I found…


Check in with this site Tuesday to see whether I survived this jaunt into madness!



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