An “Experiment” Regarding the Spring/Summer Sporcle Live Season (Original Gravity)

I decided to ask the “What If?” machine a question this morning – “What if only the top eight out of 13 scores were recorded at Original Gravity during the 2018 Spring/Summer season? Which team would have been the TRUE venue leader?”

I was curious about this, because next season, Sporcle Live will only log the best 12 out of 21 scores for teams playing at single venues.

Well, I don’t actually have a “What If?” machine, but I did look at the scores for the top three teams – Miskatonic University Fighting Cephalpods (my team), Mind the Gap and This is Sparta.

So who would have REALLY won the season if only the best eight out of 13 scores were counted? Not my team (though based on the old league rules we did win a venue tournament in July, 2018 and advanced to the regional tournament):


Best eight scores out of the top three teams:

Mind the Gap – 1,007 – (highest score 152, lowest score 71)

This is Sparta – 980 – (highest score 154, lowest score 74)

Miskatonic University Fighting Cephalopods – 954 – (highest score 149, lowest score 67)

So what does all of this tell me? Teams trying to be “venue leader” at the end of the season are going to have to do a real push to make sure they have as many players as they can get in order to log the highest scores. This means “megateams” will have the advantage, especially in very competitive trivia spots such as Wolverine, Haymaker and Corner Brewery.

What if you don’t have a “megateam?” Pick a “winnable” spot. I think Mind the Gap can be OG’s venue winner next season, but they will have good competition from This is Sparta. That, of course, depends upon what players Mind the Gap will have in their mix. I think I’m stating the ultra obvious here…they have a “certain” player on their team who essentially IS the team – and that’s all I gotta say! I even overheard a player on their team say as much – “(name of guy) pretty much knows 80 percent of the answers.” This player is absolutely ESSENTIAL to the team. I’d like to think the players on my team would say similar things about me, too! Truth be told, sometimes I get lucky when I try to put on a one-woman trivia show, but usually it just reminds me of how much I need my teammates!

I would love to see some other teams join in on the fun to mix up the competition at OG! Unfortunately, my team had to pick another MTL spot and the best one presenting itself to us was a Thursday night show, so we had to say “bye bye” to Original Gravity. This doesn’t mean I won’t be playing there again! Number one, who knows if this new MTL spot will even last a whole season? Number two, MTL has “bye” weeks. Number three, once my team locks in a lead here I can start “exploring” a bit and skip the MTL games on Thursdays. Number four, other MTL spots could open up next season.

If being able to win a venue isn’t in the cards, Sporcle Live IS offering other options for teams to get into semifinals. That’s probably a good thing. Allowing only one team per bar to go to a tournament wasn’t exactly fair IMHO, since some bars have up to 15 league teams playing every week – and others only 3-4.

I will be interested to see how things shake out at Original Gravity next season! It’s always been one of my favorite spots to play, and I will definitely miss the trivia scene there.

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