Which of My Blogs Will Be the “Most Viewed” of 2018?

A blog I wrote about Dreamworks Animated Movies recently surpassed a blog I wrote about state borders  as my most-viewed blog of 2018 (82 views for the Dreamworks blog, 78 for the state borders blog). The Dreamworks blog is just a LIST! Conversely, I actually put quite a bit of work into the state borders blog. Hey, I’m not insulted or anything! I’m glad y’all visit this site for…whatever reasons you choose. Insomnia cure? Riveting commentary about the guys selected as the “Sexiest Men Alive” by People magazine? Up to the minute news on the very exciting Southeast MI pub trivia scene?

My blog I wrote about a cabin trip to Cheboygan State Park  is still holding strong at #3 with 69 views. You guys are CRAZY! But I guess… I’m glad you like that blog? You can’t POSSIBLY like the blog as much as I loved being on that trip! Sigh, I want to go back next year. We’ll have to make our reservations early in 2019, those cabins book up early!


View of  14 Foot Shoals cabin from the beach on Lake Huron – bear poop is visible near the center of the photo. Can you spot it?

Hey…I don’t care WHY you’re here, but I’m glad you’re here! That way I don’t have to be like that Pink Floyd song and mournfully sing Wish You Were Here. I used to play this one on my guitar, but I’m a bit…out of practice! Might take me a little while to get those fingers primed, get the guitar tuned, etc.  I shall never forget getting into a sing-along with a weightlifting class at Plymouth-Canton High School back in my “substitute teacher” days. That song had just come on the radio, and I led the entire class in a sing-along (you really had to be there). Weight lifting class was a pretty good gig! I mean…eye candy, students have things to do, I didn’t have to collect papers, did I mention eye candy (ahem)!


The 1975 Pink Floyd album Wish You Were Here was certified 6X platinum (U.S. sales) and peaked at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 charts. The album’s track Shine On You Crazy Diamond is a tribute to former band member Syd Barrett, whom left the group years earlier after having a mental breakdown. My favorite tracks on this album are Wish You Were Here and Have a Cigar.

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