No! I Don’t WANT A “Megateam!”

Pardon me while I have a completely unwarranted anxiety attack. Or is it????

Got a text from one of my trivia teammates last night.

“(Name of female friend) is coming to trivia Tuesday.”

“OK,” I answered.

Now the feelings of dread commence. Will she start bringing a boyfriend to games? Girlfriend? Male whom is a friend? Female whom is a friend? (Notice that I differentiate between “boyfriend” and “male that is a friend.”, etc).  Multiple friends? I DO NOT WANT to have to start holding tables seating…lots and lots of people for trivia games. I like things “tight.” Mike and I is fine. Mike, Brad and I is also fine. If we snag a fourth ‘Pod once in a Blue Moon… that’s OK, too.

Am I blowing this all out of proportion? Perhaps. Also, how well do I “usually” get along with other females?

Sigh…I will do my best to (choke) “be nice.” Mantra – “Don’t be bitchy…don’t be bitchy…don’t be bitchy.”

Uh…I’ll have a recap of tonight’s game at Tower Inn posted sometime Wednesday!


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