A Trivia “Simulation?”

I am not gonna lie. There are other…trivia players out there whom I’ve kind of….”fantasized” about what it would be like if I waged a trivia battle with them. In a “two against the world” battle. Quite a few of them, actually (I’m a trivia “whore,” I’ll definitely own up to that). But there is ONE player in particular I’ve thought about doing just that…more than once. We’ve played against each other in too many trivia games to count over the past several years (many of them one-on-one battles). I’d be lying if I said that I NEVER thought about what it would be like if JUST this player – and I – signed in and played as a two-person team. Just to see how we’d do with our “merged”  trivial brainpower. Just straight-up trivia battle royale. Strictly trivia “business,” if you will.


Well, last Saturday, I got a “taste” of what it MIGHT be like. Just me and him  – against the other teams. And I’ve gotta say…(ahem) – I LIKED it! It’s one thing if you use a player as a “hired gun” to play with your team, to say…help you win a semifinal game, but it’s QUITE another if you’re just playing as a “power duo” against the rest of the teams. Even if just casually.

Though we did not do this “for reals?” We were not signed in, we had nothing on the line, etc.?  It DID feel like it! Nice simulation. It was kind of like being in a Star Trek: The Next Generation holodeck. Or perhaps, the “holo shed” from Futurama. Can you totally tell I’ve been watching lots of Futurama lately? Guilty! And none of this was planned…it just kind of “happened.”

Futurama holoshed.png

A scene from the “holo shed” in Futurama. From left to right – Attila the Hun, evil Abraham Lincoln, Jack the Ripper, and Professor Moriarty.

It was very enjoyable! And had we managed to get that final question correct? We would have truly kicked some ass! We would have been in first at the halftime, and in first going into the final question.

And that’s ALL I’ve gotta say about that! I do not think I will have another such opportunity again with this player. I shall… never forget this! Well played…well played!

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