A Very “Special” Trivia Recap…

Saturday, I “sat in” on a My Trivia Live semifinal game in Belleville, MI. Though I wasn’t in contention in this game, I still wrote down all of my answers – and aside from that ONE answer that a random barfly helped me answer, I didn’t have any help answering any of the questions. It was just me and my brain.

A few seats down from me at the bar, there was another player doing…virtually the same thing. Just playing for fun. What I’m about to do here is present a “What If?” scenario. You Futurama fans might already know that on that series, there was a “What If?” machine that allowed its users to present various “What If?” questions – and see the outcomes (most of which were absolutely horrible). If you’re interested, you can read more about the episodes involving the “What If?” machine here.


One of the “What If?” scenarios involved Bender (the robot)wondering what it would be like if he were 500 feet tall. In this scenario, Zoidberg (the lobster doctor) winds up being 500 feet tall, too and together, they destroy the city.

The “What If?” scenario I’m about to present isn’t quite as disastrous as a giant robot and giant lobster wreaking havoc on New New York City! What I’m going to do is present each question from Saturday’s trivia  game – and based on how I did on the questions – and how the other “spectator” did – how would the game have turned out had we played as one team? Read on to see my “What If?” scenario…(keep in mind certain variables have not been taken into account – such as both players being torn between one correct answer and an incorrect one and putting down the wrong one). This “scenario” will assume that the players with the right guesses would put the answers on the slips.

Looking ahead to the outcome? Not too shabby! This “team” – would not have missed more than four of these “regular round” questions had they joined forces. I missed eight playing by myself (I am including the question that the “barfly” helped me with as a missed question since I would not have known the answer on my own).

Had we both played “for reals” by ourselves? Our scores probably would have been close to equal, but the other player would probably have a slight edge based on being able to get at least a couple of questions in the second half for 6 points.

Round One

1. Digital Age – In November, 2018, Ohio became the first state to allow taxes to be paid in what digital currency? We both knew this one, would have wagered 5.

2. Musical Movies – According to the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame, the first licensed pinball machine was made by Bally and based on what 1975 movie starring Ann-Margret and Oliver Reed? I think the other person might’ve been stumped by this one, but I would have known for 3.

3. Motown Legends (when I heard this category, my thought was, “This is going to SUCK unless it’s about (this guy).” As luck would have it…)
What Motown legend died in 1984 on the day before his 45th birthday as a result of a gunshot wound? We both knew this one, 1.

9 points at end of round 1.

Round Two

1. Space – Named for a German astronomer, what telescope, with the purpose of finding Earth-sized habitable planets – was used between 2009 and 2018? Not confident, I wagered 1 on this, but got it. I think we both knew this one, but I don’t think for a wager of more than 1.

2. Nursery Rhymes – In 1878, the first recording ever made was of Thomas Edison reciting what common nursery rhyme? Both knew this one, 5

3. Sports (I was a little worried about this category, but luck was on my side) – In Roller Derby, what is the name of the position in which a player laps members of the opposing team? I had the edge on this one, 3

18 points ending round two.

Round Three

1. Book to Movie – What 1996 book, which was adapted into a 1998 movie starring John Travolta, was later revealed to have been written by political columnist Joe Klein? I had the edge here, would have gotten this for 5.

2. Modern Medicine – The drug Epidiolex is now available in all 50 states and is prescribed for treating two types of epileptic symptoms. It’s also the first medicine approved by the FDA to have what as its base? I’m pretty sure we would have agreed on this one for 3.

3. Food – What food dish named for the French word for “sauce pan” shares its name with the dish in which it’s cooked? We both had different answers, had we gone with mine, would have gotten for 1.

27 points ending round 3.

Halftime – U.S. States – given the details about the following U.S. states, identify the U.S. state being described.

1. Birth state of country singer Garth Brooks, state’s name comes from Choctaw word for “Red People,” and has only one major sports team

2. Birth state of Steve Harvey, became U.S. state after the Wheeling Conventions of 1861 after the U.S. Civil War had begun

3. Birth state of tennis player Andre Agassi, one of state’s nicknames is “Battle Born State” because statehood was achieved during the U.S. Civil War

4. Birth state of Wild West lawman Wyatt Earp, sixth most populous U.S. state, home to six professional “Big Four” sports teams

We would have missed #4 (but I think every team missed this).


Would have been in first with 33 going into the second half. Things will get a BIT more…interesting in the second half!

Round Four

1. British TV – What British TV series airing on Netflix has a name that can describe a cold shiny screen on a TV, a computer monitor or a smart phone? I would not have known this, unsure if the other person knew this one or not…I will assume a miss for 2.

2. Newsmen – What journalist, who died unexpectedly in 2008 was the longest-serving host of Meet the Press? Other player was all over this one (I would have missed it), 6 points.

3. Phrases – Will it play in (name of Illinois city) is a common figure of speech that is traditionally used to ask whether a given product, person, promotional theme, or event will appeal to mainstream America. Both knew this one, 4.

43 points ending round 4.

Round Five

1. Communications – All radio stations in the United States have call signs beginning with either the letters K or W. What letter is used for the same thing in Mexico? We both did not know this, miss for 2.

2. Magazines – In November, 2018, the Velocity cable TV network was renamed after what magazine brand which was first published in 1949? Had we gone with my guess for max, 6 points. I was actually torn between the answer that wound up being correct and the one the other person put down, so clearly this question could have gone either way in a “team” setting. But let’s pretend the right answer prevailed here!

3. Drinking Songs – According to the George Thorogood song I Drink Alone, which person (who shares a name with a bourbon brand) is the “only one who will hang out with me?” I’m going to guess this would be a miss for 4.

50 points ending round 5.

Round Six

1. Sports Fraud – After taking over the company in 1993, what former Detroit Tiger was charged with looting the pension fund of the Chesaning, MI-based Farmer Peet meat packing company of $3 million? Other player all over this for 6 points (I had zero clue on this one).

2. Economics – The Economist magazine uses what branded food item as a benchmark to measure purchasing power between countries? Again, other player dominant in this category, would have gotten for 4 (big duh out of me, I didn’t hear the question properly, LOL).

3. Cats – Pandiculation is a word to describe a common act by cats that involves stretching and doing what? Other player had correct guess on this one (mine was incorrect), 2.

62 points heading into the final, would have put us in first by one point. I tanked in the second half playing myself and had just 45 points heading into the final. About that final…

Final Category – Behind the Music

What group of session musicians, inducted into the Musicians Hall of Fame in 2007 – and the subject of a 2008 documentary film – were hired to provide thousands of studio recordings in the 1960s and early 1970s, including Beach Boys’ “Pet Sounds” album?

And…neither of us knew this answer. Even wagering zero on it would not have landed our “team” in the top four to go to the finals. Neither of us happened to have the “right” knowledge nuggets in our brains to know the answer to this one (this is why trivia is a team game, people)!  Had the final category been one in which the two players had some overlapping knowledge (presidents, for example) – or a category in which either player was strong individually (like maybe one of those obscure factoid things that the other player would probably have remembered reading on the Internets somewhere…or maybe some older movie knowledge nugget in my case)  – it could have been quite a HELL of a game! Interesting to imagine…

Still interesting to see how the game could have shaken out!


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