Wishing I Had That “Shazam” App…


I would want MY Shazam app to work by having Shazam tell me what the song is! Or…I’ll also settle for Shaquille O’Neal as Kazaam in the 1996 movie…Kazaam. All right…trivia time! Who can identify all of the entities encompassing SHAZAM (the comic book character)?

I was taking a walk through Ypsilanti earlier when 3 p.m. rolled around. Which means Emmanuel Lutheran Church was doing its whole bells a clanging thing and playing all sorts of songs (it’s actually kind of cool when you happen to be right there). Not that I’d want to LIVE by a church or anything! Anyway,  I immediately starting “singing” along to one of the songs and to my surprise I knew the melody very, very well. Only problem was I had no idea what song it was. I’m suspecting it’s a Christmas hymn of some sort that I remembered from the old days of going to church as a kid. Ugh…itchy wool skirts…knee socks and when I got older (panty hose)! Yes, we had to kind of “dress up” for church back then (oh the humanity)…No jeans allowed. I didn’t have any “dress pants,” so I ALWAYS had to wear skirts to church. Even when it was f—ing cold. It was nice when my brother got his driver’s license so we could go to church together – and leave immediately afterward. When we rode with Dad, we’d have to wait while he spent an eternity in the auto parts store – or tagged along while he took the car through the car wash.


Easter always meant upping the fashion ante, vis a vis this 1987 photo. We had to dress up even MORE than usual! I remember not being able to WAIT to change out of that outfit! Which was not as comfortable as my brother’s mint green ensemble (LOL). Where did he get that outfit? Chess King? Merry Go Round? I’m guessing Silverman’s. He wasn’t really a Merry Go Round kind of guy.

When I got home, I immediately hopped on the piano and started plunking out the melody of this hymn – along with the coordinating chords. Playing music “by ear” is one of my useless superpowers. But I’ve been able to do it since I was…4? I played the Coca-Cola commercial song I’d Like To Teach the World to Sing on a small electric organ that had been dumped on us by another relative (I loved the one finger chords).

Why did I know this song emanating from the church bells so well? I don’t have the “Shazam” app, so I’m going to have to creatively find out what hymn this is. Which, since I can’t share videos directly on here, I will do by linking y’all to this post on my Facebook page: here

This is a pared down version of the fancier version I played earlier. Hey, I ain’t no concert pianist! The more complicated I make it, the more likely I’ll f— it up if I record it for the public! Plus I’m a…bit out of practice! And the piano is out of tune (excuses, excuses)…

Whatever this song, I’m pretty sure it has the word “Hallelujah” in it somewhere! And when I find out what it is, I’ll shout out, “Hallelujah!”

Know the name of this song? Indicate so in the comments, or e-mail me at hebspeaks@gmail.com.

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