I Had A Good Trivia Day Today!

I “sat in” on a MTL semifinals game today. And I will have a recap posted Sunday. I just wanted to say a couple of things…I really, really enjoyed being able to re-connect with an old trivia “comrade” today. That was quite gratifying. I did not expect to see you at this bar today (I will say I’ve really, really missed you).  I enjoyed seeing you, and “conferencing” with you on some of those questions. Even the ones that were worded…kind of poorly. By “kind of,” I actually mean really, really REALLY poorly! That “big four” sports question was total BS! I don’t care HOW MTL tried to spin it ! Bad MTL! Bad MTL!

My ACE hardware tab came to $19.06 in case you were curious! I bought a pair of mechanic’s gloves and a 50-pack of blades for my box cutter (I thought $7.99 for the box of 50 was a pretty darn good deal). My work place has gotten stingy about supplying blades for my box cutter, so I’ve started buying my own. These should last me quite a while!


I started wearing mechanic’s gloves at work about three years ago. Hangnails are down 80 percent, broken nails down 90 percent, nicked knuckles down almost 100 percent. I knew I had to start protecting my hands when someone on my trivia team fist bumped me during a game and I said “Ow!”  I only wish I could get them in more “girly” colors! Number one, the women’s gloves don’t tend to come in XL, and number two, I’ll bet they wouldn’t be as durable.

See YOU in the next trivia battle! Wherever it may be…Good luck in the MTL finals! I am not sure whether I will be there or not. Most likely not…

That is all…peace, my friend! Again, it was good seeing you….thanks for coming out!


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