Trivia Recap – Nov. 14, 2018 – Tower Inn (Sporcle Live venue tournament)

We played a Sporcle Live venue tournament game Tuesday at Tower Inn Cafe that we didn’t “need” to play. We made no efforts to summon more than our “Three Amigos,” and planned only to use previously won prize money. We already locked our league championship spot by playing the required number of games at this bar (which is a new trivia spot), and as it turned out, we were the only qualified team going into the venue tournament! That said… we’ll see some of you teams at the championship Dec. 1 at Ashley’s Westland! Seems weird, as we weren’t even really gunning for any tournament spots this season in either Sporcle Live or My Trivia Live (we have pretty much put MTL on hiatus for the time being). However…for any of you MTL players reading this? Message this page if you are in need of players for the upcoming MTL semis/finals.

As for Tuesday’s game? We did pretty decently in game one, winning a first place/$20 prize. Brad was our game one MVP for singlehandedly nailing a NCAA Div. 1 sportsball mystery round. Thank the trivia gods for hearing my prayer and giving us a Grammys question for which I would know the answer (I really did do a prayer before the question was asked – who says thoughts and prayers never work)? I’ve only ever resorted to prayer in trivia games (don’t hate…don’t hate)! Too bad we paid back that little “favor” by utterly shitting the bed in game two – blowing big points on questions about empires, novels and…the final question. We were left with a mere NINE points at the end of game two!

Any other teams playing Tuesday (I’m looking at you… Moops), please indicate if any of our questions differed from yours!

And here we go!

Game One

1. ’90s Movies – What 1991 dark comedy starred Angelica Huston, Raul Julia, Christina Ricci and Christopher Lloyd, among others – in the title roles? 10



She’s one of my heroes! Well…heroines…


2. Athletes – Kelly Slater, Dorian “Doc” Pascowitz and Mickey Dora are key figures in what sport? Miss for 1.

3. TV Settings – What U.S. city is the setting for the HBO series Big Love? Miss for 2.

4. U.S. Cities – After Baltimore, name one of the four most populous cities in Maryland. Name a second city for a bonus point.. Miss for 4.

5. Party Games – What 2016 party game divides players into groups of fascists and liberals? Brad the hero here for 5.

6. Astronomy – What astronomical structure gets its name from the Greek word for “milky?” This question is abbreviated, we got this for 9 (thanks Mike).

7. Books – Monster (blank) is the title of one of the Goosebumps books? Again, abbreviated question (I was focusing more on trying to answer them than write them all down word for word). We missed for 3.

8. U.S. History- The phrase “One if by land, two if by sea” is most closely associated with what U.S. city? 8

9. Cereal – Apple Zings, Colossal Crunch and Marshmallow Babies are all cereals from what company that was purchased by Post Holdings in 2015? Miss for 6.

10. Grammys – What singer won a Grammy Award for song of the year for the song All About That Bass? 7

Mystery – Nicknames – Given the NCAA Div. 1 college nicknames, identify the state in which the colleges are located.

M1 – Vandals
M2 – Shockers
M3 – Cyclones
M4 – Musketeers

Got all of these. #1 is Brad’s alma mater!

We were in second out of five teams going into the final with 50 points, Magic Mike was in first with 51 points.

Final Category – 2010s Movie Casts

Name all of the actors nominated for Academy Awards for their roles in the 2013 film American Hustle – none of which wound up winning the Oscar.

Got ’em all.

Final standings: Magic Mike, 51; ‘Pods, 70.

Game Two

1. TV Actresses – Jane Krakowski has appeared in at least 45 episodes in four different TV series. Name at least one of those series – two for a bonus point. Named one series for 10 (this was all Brad).

2. Canada – Which Canadian city is farthest west – Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec City or Toronto? Miss for 3.

3. Gaming – What is the name for the webcam-like device used to make hand-like gestures for the XBox 360 released in 2010? Miss for 2.

4. Hit Songs – Rock You Like A Hurricane and Forever Young are Billboard Hot 100 hit songs for two different bands from what country? 9

5. Novels – What Ernest Hemingway novel was published in 1926 and appears on a variety of “best of” lists? This question is abbreviated. Discussed the right answer, but went with the wrong one for 7.

6. Models – Kendall Jenner and Gisele Bundchen are, per Forbes, the world’s top paid models. Name either of the next two top paid models on the list. Miss for 1.

7. Empires – What modern day country was the first one to be called the place “Where the Sun Never Sets” in the early 1500s? Miss for 8.

8. 2017 Movies – What film released in July, 2017 was the highest-grossing to have been nominated for an Academy Award for best picture 7

9. Universities – What Ivy League university has the largest student body of all Ivy League schools? Miss for 5, though we had the correct state.

10. MVPs – Bob McAdoo won an MVP award playing for what NBA team located in a city that no longer has a NBA franchise? Miss for 4.

Mystery – Boy/Girl Bands Anagrams – Unscramble the following anagrams to reveal names of either boy bands or girl bands.

M1 – Beckon Wrinkle Host
M2 – Heather Glitches
M3 – Dyed Itch Slits
M4 – Shorter Banjoes

Missed #2 and #4.

Scores: Six teams, scores 7 to 43 with ??? in first. We were in fourth with 29 points.

Final Category – Geography

Name three of the six countries bordering the Adriatic Sea.

Managed to get two of these…we wagered 20, so nine points is all we had finishing this round!

Well that’s it for the “regulation” trivia season! Good luck to Your Resume Sucks, Kevin and team Ennui, Jeff and Don’t Forget to Strip Your Bartender, Matthew on Money Badgers and any other players out there who follow this page (or not) in tonight’s venue tourney at Arbor Brewing Company. And remember – Sporcle With Tim says DO NOT FOLD YOUR ANSWER SLIPS! Got that?

As of now, our next trivial pursuits are TBD. It’s 50/50 as for whether we will attend the Original Gravity venue tournament Thursday (depends on weather). As always, Go Pods and stay classy Meghan Trainor!

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