Today I Watched Another “My Name is Squirrel” Episode…

A couple of days ago, I published a blog about being flashed by one of our not-so-friendly neighborhood squirrels. In case you haven’t seen that blog, long story short, the little furry bastard ran right to our glass patio door, stood up on his hind legs and put both front paws against our glass as if to say, “What happened to all of your food?” If this squirrel flashes me one more time, I’m going to insist he register as a sex offender 🙂

We’ve had a container garden on our deck for the past several years , in which we’ve grown tomatoes, cucumbers and sweet/hot peppers. And this squirrel, despite our best efforts to discourage him (peppermint/hot pepper sprays), had grown accustomed to sampling from the goodies from time to time. We live in a condo on the “edge” of what city dwellers would call “country.” We also have a large forested area behind our condo (which was a big selling point for us), so it’s not unusual for us to see lots and lots of wildlife! There was that one time we saw the mating rituals of the Eastern cottontail happening right before our eyes (they jump over the top of each other before they mate – seriously how cute is THAT), we had a three-point buck run into the woods a couple of days ago, and we even heard coyotes from within the woods before. We’ve also had a woodpecker decide it wanted to look for bugs in a stretch of wood trim along our siding. What – all of those TREES in the woods don’t have enough bugs for ya?

Briefly last summer, we had a pet house spider take up residence near our back door. We called her “Shelob.” Not very creative – but her M.O. was amazingly similar to the Lord of the Rings spider in how she meticulously wrapped up and devoured her victims!

Let’s back to the squirrel, shall we? This morning he came by AGAIN! He stood on his hind legs, put his paws on the glass and stared at me as if to say “WTF?”  Unfortunately, I was not able to get a photo of him “knocking on our door,” but I did get several other photos of him in various poses…behold (in none of these photos can you see the squirrel’s “junk” (I do have SOME taste, after all):








Sure, he’s cute ‘n all, but he really is a thieving bastard! And IMHO, he’s QUITE fat enough already to survive the winter! And he wins no prizes for not realizing that the celery plant we still have on our deck is SUPER edible!


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