So I Totally Meant To Write The Trivia Recap Today, But…Things Happened!


I was driving home from work today and a couple of things alarmed me – one, the traffic signal at Geddes/LeForge was not working. I came to a complete stop, yet other cars just kind of…rolled through (there COULD have been LeForge traffic, other drivers)! Secondly, the traffic signal at Geddes and Prospect (which is close to my home) was also malfunctioning. This made me go…



So I got home, and tried opening my garage door…several times. Nothing. OK, the power’s out! So I called DTE to report the outage. My husband dropped me off at a local watering hole (where I would fully intend to write the recap of Thursday’s game), and he would run a couple of errands at Kroger..

Balls! WiFi not working at the bar! It wasn’t working last night, either. So I ordered myself some dinner (I was starved after finishing my shift at work). So at least I slayed ONE dragon! DTE’s estimate was that power would be restored by 6:45 p.m. It was actually restored much more quickly, and the cause was “animal/bird damaged DTE equipment.” Those pesky critters!

Then my husband returned from Kroger, and it was decreed we would stick around to have some happy hour drinks at this bar…without the working WiFi! All right then – the recap can wait until Saturday!

It’s my policy to never write a trivia recap unless I’m completely sober! Thanks all of you for understanding…

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