No Trivia Games Tonight…

I decided to call off the trivia game tonight. One of our trivia “comrades” has a sick dog (it’s really an ongoing saga with those purebred dogs SMH…) – AND it’s his birthday. So if he’s able to get out, we’ll just have some drinks locally with him – or if he’s up for having guests at his campfire pit, we’ll hang out there. I don’t think a bloke should be alone on his birthday.

This means trivia is DEFINITELY on the schedule for Thursday! The regular “Trivia Tuesdays” should continue next week.

Interesting side note…one of our trivia “helpers,” Evan, recently said he’d be interested in playing trivia games at Oscar’s again! I told him I’m not really interested in weekend games anymore. He might stop in for a solo game with a gift card he has in his wallet. Godspeed, Evan! Way to test that trivia “mettle!”

And I also told him that there was one “other” reason we stopped playing there, and it starts with “L.” It’s all part of my ongoing focus on improving my mental health! I would say it’s all going very well. Bottom line, not being tied to a regular trivia routine has been great, too.

That trivia game at OG last Thursday did wonders for helping me get my “groove” back! Beating a good rival team by five points…winning a bit of prize money…hearing someone on an opposing team say “Oh fuck” when I handed in my answer for game two’s final question right away. I got a much-needed taste of victory -and was able to satisfy my competitive fire a bit, too! I’m making a concerted effort to make sure I control that “fire,” and it doesn’t consume me. Nearly getting burned out on trivia a couple of months ago was a…wake up call. I HAD to make some drastic changes.

Funny…the trivia host at OG and I were chatting a bit on Facebook Messenger last week, and she said she likes it when I show up to play at OG because it stirs up the competition a bit between the teams Mind the Gap and This is Sparta.

“Someone’s gotta challenge (Mind the Gap) besides the Spartas,” she said to me. I wholeheartedly agree! It’s all part of healthy, spirited, friendly trivia competition! And for the record…I did not deliberately sit in the spot at the bar that this “other” team likes to use! I started out sitting at the other end, but wound up moving to the corner seat so that the other team would have room for its players. This was all arranged and OK’d with a guy on the other team named Chris. Just to clear up any confusion! I never try taking their “spot” unless there are no other seats at the bar!

Catch y’all on the rebound. Have a nice Halloween, everyone – I am very much looking forward to having Halloween off!


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