Trivia Update – Would We Have Qualified at Powell’s? Also…Possible Hot Shot Team To Watch?

I just decided to look at scores for Powell’s Pub in Ypsilanti for their My Trivia Live games. We played the first four games there, but decided to call it quits there for multiple reasons, not the least of which was that one of my players told me he didn’t want to play there anymore.

Based on our “average” scores from our first four games, we would most likely be sitting at about 557 points now. Scores from 10 total games have been logged here – if we held to our “average” scores, we’d be just a few points behind the Ham Wallets team, which currently has 562 points. “Average” scores really don’t mean a damn thing in the MTL league! It’s not uncommon to have a shitty game of 40 points one week – and a 69 point game the following week.

That said, I have no regrets about having bid adieu to Powell’s! We had a good run there for a couple of seasons – but the trivia scene had, as of late, started to be not as fun at it used to be (for reasons I’d rather not get into in detail). One of the bartenders I liked left a few months ago, which was ONE of the reasons. The Powell’s ship has sailed…we’re not likely to set foot in there ever again, unless I really, really get the itch to do some karaoke – or we want to hit up their happy hour in good weather!

Hell, I’m not even sure that ANY MTL games for our team are on the horizon – unless another “local” spot opens up. Fact is, trivia scenes…get tired. The players/hosts populating the trivia scenes? Well, you get tired of seeing them, too! It happens. We had a decent run at the Wurst Bar for almost two years, then things changed. “Whiskey Wednesdays” ($2 well whiskey drinks) went bye-bye. That was just one nail in the coffin for the Wurst Bar!

Speaking of trivia scenes getting tired? We’ve stopped playing at a couple of other spots, too – including Oscar’s and Johnny’s Grill

As for the future of my team? I’m not ruling out trying to qualify my team for tournaments again, though that will have to wait until 2019.

For the month of November, I’m trying a “Trivia Tuesdays” thing – with “team” games on Tuesday nights – and me hitting up an old “favorite” haunt on Thursdays, when I can get out there (Original Gravity). The trivia host is celebrating her one-year anniversary as a host this Thursday, so I really, really want to be there!

This means on Devil’s Night Tuesday, Nov. 30 we’ll be hitting up the trivia scene at Haymaker in Ann Arbor. I’m very, very curious about a team playing there called Salt ‘n Pepa. They have been dominating the standings at MULTIPLE Ann Arbor bars, and have even “out barhopped” a team called What The Shibboleth, who has dominated barhop standings for the past few years. I will have to see if I can figure out who these people are! Are they a “megateam?” Or are they just really, really good? I’ll have to do a little “recon!” Never a dull moment!

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