October Blog Update (2018)

The month of October is drawing to a close…which makes me really, really sad since it’s my favorite month of the year! Now all I want to do is hit the fast-forward button and just start back up in January. That’s a common sentiment among folks who work in the business sector called “retail!”

This blog had 684 total views this month (as of today), compared to 463 during September. I hit the “century” mark on Oct. 17 with 104 total views in one day!

So what were my most-viewed blogs in the month of October? Though this blog is based mostly on my various trivial pursuits, my “travel” blogs are also getting some attention! I’m not a world traveler by any stretch, though I have traveled quite extensively around the state of Michigan (and occasionally venture out of state, too). So what do my blog readers say to that? “Yes, Michigan!” Anyone remember that being the slogan for Michigan tourism in the 1980s? “Yes, Michigan” was even part of an ad jingle! That said, my most-viewed blog during the month of October with 11 total views was a “photo blog,” one of a series of three “Great Lakes” blogs I wrote (about Lakes Huron, Michigan and Superior). And this one is Lake Michigan – The Marcia Brady of the Great Lakes. 


Vintage T-shirt promoting Michigan’s tourism slogan from the ’80s

Here’s a list of my other most-viewed blogs during the month of October:

With 10 views, Stolen Recap (MBLP), Sept. 2, 2015. I will be attempting to find and post more of these trivia recaps since y’all seem to like ’em so much! It’s quite tedious (so much copying and pasting).

Logging 9 views, Lake Superior – The Best Great Lake of Them All. I had a LOT of fun writing this one! I came up with some very…colorful descriptions of this lake, which borders Canada, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Lake Superior truly is my favorite Great Lake AND favorite lake overall! She is beautiful, destructive, deadly, unpredictable and too many other adjectives to list. My brother owns property on the western shore of the Keweenaw Peninsula, and for years he battled the lake’s destructiveness. The first deck he built on the property was pretty much taken by the lake (when she freezes, Lake Superior can push everything out of her way – even lighthouses). He adapted…and adapted…and reinforced, and reinforced. Finally, he was able to build a deck that could withstand the worst she could throw at him. But there is always the potential she could take that deck again!


My niece on Lake Superior property owned by my brother/sister-in-law near Eagle Harbor, MI (2014). They do not have a residence on this land, but it’s become a “retreat” for them on nice days.

Three blogs have had eight views apiece – Haymaker Oct 4 (trivia recap)a personal blog about being “ungirly,” and Blog about a Halloween Party in a Campground. Unsure why the “ungirly” blog has had so many views this month rather than more recent blogs I’ve posted, but it’s all good! I wouldn’t write them if you readers didn’t read them!

Nothing really noteworthy on the rest of the list – recent trivia recaps, etc. However, there is a blog that continues to get regular views that I wrote a few months ago…and it’s a blog I wrote about a cabin trip to Cheboygan State Park. This blog has been viewed 45 times during 2018!

Sadly, I don’t have any real travel plans for the remainder of the year! I do plan to do some kind of blog about Brighton State Recreation Area, which is one of my favorite “playgrounds” in Southeast MI. The trivial pursuits WILL continue, however!


Me at Brighton State Recreation Area in February, 2017. Note the shorts! I was very happy to have shorts weather a week after my birthday…IN THE WINTER!

We plan to play Tuesday night at Haymaker in Ann Arbor, and I’ll TRY to play the Thursday, Nov. 1 game at Original Gravity. Too early to tell whether I can make that game, but because it’s the trivia host Lauren’s one-year anniversary as a trivia host, I want to try to at least make an appearance! I like her pretty well as a trivia host, even if I don’t share her love of country music! She told me recently that she likes it when I show up to play at OG because it helps to stir up the competition a bit between the two dominant teams – This is Sparta – And Mind the Gap. The latter team is currently in the lead, but This Is Sparta is nipping at their heels! That is exactly how I like a trivia scene to be! Who wants to see one trivia team overwhelmingly dominating a bar? That’s no fun!

This was the exact quote from the host about this:

“Someone’s gotta challenge (Mind the Gap) besides the Spartas,” she said. I’ll be honest…I told her that (ahem) certain players on that team (not naming ANY names here)…occasionally need to be “taken down a peg or two.” It’s all in the spirit of healthy trivia competition! I have no hate for this team or any of its players whatsoever. It works both ways – this same player has said to me in the past, “You could use the competition.” Checkmate!

A trivia game I’ll never, ever forget was in November, 2016. I showed up at this bar’s semifinal game just for fun (my team had already qualified)  and played by myself. This other player did the same thing (his team already qualified), so between the two of us, it was a one-on-one battle. He wound up finishing first, me second.  The tournament spot wound up going to the third place team. Before the game, I looked around the room at the other teams and thought to myself, “I will destroy you all.” Except that ONE team/person who beat me! I knew my chances of beating him were pretty slim!

I have turned down the trivia competition quite a lot this season by not trying to play for a tournament spot…but that doesn’t mean my competitive “fire” has gone out! Let’s just say I’m trying a bit harder to control the flame – lest it consume me! That came close to happening not too long ago when I got so burned out I thought about giving up on trivia completely. That said…I have DEFINITELY gotten my trivia “groove” back!


Since I managed to beat this team in points for the first time this season last Thursday? Mission accomplished! Hey, I gotta celebrate my small victories whenever I can! I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy hearing a player on their team say “Oh f —” when I ran up my answer slip right away for final question #2 about primatologists! Though for the record they won that game (bastards)! 🙂 Maybe they just took a bit longer to come with Dian Fossey’s name? I imagine Jane Goodall was the one most teams came up with right away.

This is about it for this little blog update! I plan to hit up a local Halloween party tonight, though I’m not going to be in costume. Happy Halloween weekend, and thanks always for reading!










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