STOLEN RECAP (MBLP) – Sept. 5, 2013 – JT’s Pub And Grill

Editor’s Note: This is a recap written by a rival team from 2013. Enjoy!

September 5, 2013 · 



Congrats again to one of our very near and dear team members who yesterday became a father to a brand new baby girl. He is out of commission for a bit, likely studying up on where the baby’s name has ranked historically in baby name popularity charts.

Anyway, it’s my pleasure to fill in as guest writer and I hope I cover all the bases. As previously posted, great night last night at Sporcle Live – Detroit at JT’s Pub and Grill. 128 points and two first place finishes, despite a few missteps along the way. We here at More Beer Less Pants strive for nothing less than perfection. On with the show:

1. Cartoons: Within one year, in what year did Nickelodeon air the pilot episode of SpongeBob Squarepants?
**Missed this by one year. After much hand-wringing over whether or not to use the re-rack, we opted not to and bet 3.
2. TV Characters: On Seinfeld, what is the nickname of the character Chef Yev Kassem?
**Please. Got it. bet 10.
3. Voyages: Within 10 days, how many days did it take for the Mayflower to cross the Atlantic in 1620?
**Got it. bet 9.
4. Tasty Treats: The name for what type of cookie is a combination of words that mean a disrespectful laugh and an aimless drawing?
**Please. Got it. bet 8.
5. Websites: Which website where you can book hotel rooms uses the slogan “Finding you the perfect place?”
**we had a couple of guesses. Guessed wrong. lost 2 pts.
6. Military: In what US state would you find Fort Leavenworth?
**not a lot of confidence here. but we got it. bet 1.
7. Movie Roles: Ed Harris portrayed what influential American artist in a 2000 film?
**Got it. bet 7.
8. Rock and Roll Bands: What band released the album entitled “A Different Kind of Truth” in February 2012, their first since 1998?
**Lost of guesses tossed around, none of which were right. lost 4.
9. Time Zones: During the summer in North America, what time zone is immediately east of the Eastern Daylight Zone?
**Weird, because the summer reference makes no difference. Got it. bet 5.
10. Names: What is the name of the piano-playing dog on The Muppets?
**Got it. bet 6.

MYSTERY ROUND: Before and After
1. Song by Bill Haley & the Comets and a Stanley Kubrick film
2. One of the four “somethings” a bride should have and a variety of chicken from Delaware
3. Twin Cities and a French post impressionist painter born in 1839
4. Song by the Who and a poem about an arachnid that begins “Will you step into my parlor?”
**Got the first three with some discussion. #4 was a stumper. One of us knew the Who song no problem, but none of us knew the poem. Got 6 pts.

7-point lead in first place going into the final:

**We bet 14.

FINAL QUESTION: What is the tallest free standing (not part of a range) mountain on earth?

**Nailed it. First place finish. 69 points.

1. Birds: What brightly colored bird is the state bird of seven different US states?
**not sure why they need to say “different” US states. Got it. bet 10.
2. Anatomy: If you were to visit your doctor because of issues with your papilla, what would your doctor examine: your big toe, your earlobe, your nipple, or your kneecap?
**No confidence because the answer refers to multiple body parts. Got it. bet 1.
3. In the Movies: Who has played one of Charlie’s Angels, was a member of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad, and voiced one of the animated Furious Five?
**Got it. bet 8

QUICKFIRE: Name the 10 different men who have been named People’s Sexiest Man Alive since 2002 (awarded 11 times, one man won twice).
**won 3 pts.

4. Betting: What type of bet requires you to pick the horses that finish in first, second, and third in the same race?
**Please. Got it. bet 9.
5. Audio clue: TV theme song.
6. Music Hometowns: What city is the hometown of the band Duran Duran?
**Got it. bet 6.
7. Politicians: What US politician married the chairwoman of a beer distribution company at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel in 1980?
**Got it. bet 5.
8. Comics: Fill in the blank from the phrase frequently uttered by Wimpy, a character from the Popeye comic strip: “I would gladly pay you *_______* for a hamburger today.”
**Please. Got it. bet 4.
9. Board Games: What board game introduced in 1963 was equipped with a number of extra parts including a diver, rickety stairs, two tubs, and two balls?
**This was a tough one. Much discussion. Got it. bet 2.
10. Singers: Who sang the 2007 hit single “Rehab?”
**Please. Got it. bet 3.

VISUAL MYSTERY ROUND. Thanks to our baseball experts, both in attendance, we got all four. Won 8 pts.


14-point lead in first place going into the final:

FINAL CATEGORY: Daytime Talk Shows
**we bet 7.

FINAL QUESTION: Name three of Barbara Walters’ four original co-hosts on The View.

**We got two of them, couldn’t nail down a third. Luckily, no one else really got it either. First place finish. 59 points.

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