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Not really  much to report…it’s October  1, and thus begins  my favorite  month of the year! There’s  a chill  in  the  air, creepy Halloween decorations are up, fall colors are starting  to show and you can see pumpkins  virtually  everywhere!  Notice  I  didn’t  mention  anything  about  pumpkin  spice. It’s  just not my thing. Close call when we grocery  shopped at Aldi in Canton, MI! I almost  grabbed  pumpkin  spiced hard cider! Ooops…In other random  news, the old “Tilted Kilt” spot in that strip mall is still vacant. I played a few trivia  games there in late 2015 and early 2016.

Speaking  of trivia, I’ll  be doing a “name that  tune” game Tuesday, a trivia game Wednesday  in Ann Arbor and possibly a game Thursday, too. Thursday  is TBD as of now. My living room may be invaded by a couple of nerdboys that evening and if so, I’ll  escape  to  a trivia game!

In other  exciting  news, my six-day  fall vacation  starts  next Thursday! We’ll be embarking  on yet another Lake Huron adventure, with stops in Harrisville, MI and Tawas City, MI. I won’t  be able to post too many blogs when  I’m  up there unless I step into a WiFi hot spot, but I will try to check in with this site when I can! Did you know Harrisville is Michigan’s  sixth smallest city by population (not including villages, etc. not incorporated  as cities)? For inquiring minds, Angelus Lake in Oakland County is Michigan’s  smallest city.

One stop we want to make “Up North” is at Wiltse’s in Oscoda. This restaurant/brewpub is famous for its homemade chicken dumpling soup! What better stick-to-your-ribs dinner on a chilly fall evening?

The cabin we like to rent in Rogers  City was not available  this time. This will be an excuse to check out the cabin in Harrisville  instead! Always an adventure…

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