How a Nature Hike Inspired Me to Write “Bugs – The Musical”

My husband and I went on a little nature walk near our house yesterday. The Southeast Michigan Land Conservancy offers lots of nice spots for hiking and enjoying nature throughout the region, and one of those spots is not too far from where we live! We started off at the Superior Township Hall, which uses an old one-room schoolhouse building for its township board meetings.


Though it may be too tiny to see, this one-room schoolhouse has been around since 1874.

Next, we hit the trail!


The trailhead is located on Cherry Hill Road just east of Prospect Road in Superior Township, just north of Ypsilanti, MI.


The trails took us through soybean fields, grassy meadows, and through some sections of forest. While walking through the soybean fields, I learned something very, very interesting!


I never knew that soybean husks were fuzzy! Though I grew up in “farm country,”I never learned any of the finer points such as these! Seriously…how cute are these?

We took a little break at the SMLC headquarters, which is an old farmhouse on Vreeland Road. We sat near the organic community garden.


There are several old farm outbuildings on this site, which you can see in the background of this selfie.

While we were on our little “break,”  I became rather enthralled with a…grasshopper. I even started talking to it (if you think this is odd behavior, then clearly you don’t know me very well, LOL). I told this little grasshopper a story about its locust ancestors (specifically the Rocky Mountain locust), who pissed off so many farmers in the Midwest that they are now extinct.

“But you – little grasshopper – are free to hop around in the sunshine,” I said to it.


This little guy (or gal) was the focus of my attention while we sat and took a break from our walk. Then it hopped away into the grasses, never to be seen again.

“Oh what joy it is to be a little bug…so many more of us than those lumbering human lugs…we may be small and they may be tall…but as the old saying goes, the mighty shall fall.” And those are the lyrics I came up with for Bugs – The Musical. Who says a nature hike can’t be inspiring?

As Matthew Broderick’s character Ferris Bueller said in the 1986 film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

In case you were starting to die of cheesiness overload from reading this silly blog, here’s a funny meme I saw a couple of days ago that sums up fall fairly well…and made me bust a gut!


Fin! 🙂


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