“Unofficial” State Mottoes

My husband and I took a road trip in 2016 and we made up the following state mottoes. Keep in mind these are just for fun and not – in any way, shape or form – to be confused with REAL U.S. state mottoes!

Alabama – A busted-ass truck in every yard
Alaska – Why the Hell are we here?
Arizona – Come for the Grand Canyon, stay for the rampant racism
Arkansas – Bill Clinton Slept Here
California – Chock Full of Actors
Colorado – Rectangular and full of mountains
Connecticut – Overflow parking for NYC
Delaware – One of the original 13 colonies
Florida – If the sinkholes don’t kill you, the alligators will
Georgia – Hey, we’re not Alabama!
Hawaii – Don’t hate us because you ain’t us
Idaho – Potatoes
Illinois – Lincoln was a lawyer here
Indiana – We have the Indy 500!
Iowa – The corn side is crispiest
Kansas – Dust in the Wind
Kentucky – Bourbon, race horses, and dry counties
Louisiana – We have SOME land left!
Maine – Stephen King books sum us up
Maryland – Just see a John Waters film
Massachusetts – Full of Kennedys
Michigan – Giant mitten
Minnesota – Wisconsin of the west
Mississippi – Not to be confused with Alabama
Missouri – Show me something good about this state
Montana – Speed right through our state
Nebraska – Flyover state
Nevada – Prostitution is legal here
New Hampshire – I thought this was Vermont
New Jersey – You talking to me?
New Mexico – Full of meth labs
New York – I’m walkin’ here!
North Carolina – At least we’re not South Carolina
North Dakota – Our capital city is a delicious doughnut
Ohio – Amusement parks, not much else
Oklahoma – We have an oil derrick next to our state capital
Oregon – Hipster central
Pennsylvania – Our “don’t speed” signs are the rudest
Rhode Island – We’re fun-sized
South Carolina – Strom Thurmond – ‘nuf said
South Dakota – Mount Rushmore and what else again?
Tennessee – Add another 2.5 hours to that road trip to Florida
Texas – Just give us back to Mexico already!
Utah – Where pornography is both frowned upon and prevalent
Vermont – I thought this was New Hampshire?
Virginia – A battlefield site pretty much everywhere
Washington – Kurt Cobain died here
West Virginia – Our towns have no zoning laws!
Wisconsin – Curd-eating cheeseheads
Wyoming – We’re a big rectangle!

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