Another Weird Time Machine Fantasy Of Mine…

I want to go back in time to when Buddy Holly is singing the lyrics “That’ll Be The Day…When I Die” And I want to correct him, and tell him that Feb. 3, 1959 will be the “real” day that he will die. And in my heart of hearts, I want him to do what it takes to avoid…dying. Tell him to not get on that plane. Just to hedge his bets, DON’T GET ON ANY PLANES. Planes are bad – and they could be filled with…snakes!

But here’s where I’m torn. While I would like to fuck with the timeline, thereby disregarding all advice dispensed by “Doc” Brown in Back To The Future? And I think Buddy Holly, Jiles Richardson and Ritchie Valens were probably genuinely good people who didn’t deserve to die in that plane crash? Seriously, look up that plane crash in Google images. It was a crumpled up wad of tinfoil (haunting to see now).  I also don’t want to live in a world where the song American Pie doesn’t exist.

What’s a girl to do?

While their plane is going down – whisk all of those folks off into a TARDIS with Doctor Who! Tell them they can’t perform on Earth anymore or talk  to/be with anyone they knew on Earth. Meanwhile, people on Earth will still believe these people are all dead – and American Pie will still be an enduring memorial to them all.  But they don’t have to die. You may say that I’m a dreamer….But I’m not the only one! Did I just write a Doctor Who script? 🙂


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