Impossible Slider Madness at White Castle Today (national debut)

Today marked the first time I ever set foot inside a White Castle restaurant. Though technically, it was not the first time I was ever a White Castle customer. Back in 2001 or so I bought a coffee from a drive-thru in Canton, MI. I had a “hot tip” from a co-worker that White Castle coffee was cheap…and good! I think I paid maybe 49 cents for my sizable cup of Joe, I honestly can’t remember how much I paid for that cup of coffee. But I was happy with the price – and the taste!

Fast forward nearly 20 years, and the lure of the “Impossible Slider” brought me back to White Castle. I visited the White Castle location in Ann Arbor, MI (on Packard). It was PACKED! IT took close to 10 minutes for anyone to even be able to take our order, and probably another 20 minutes or so to get our food. My husband hadn’t eaten anything all day, so he was about ready to chew his own arm off!

The Impossible Slider has been on the menu at 140 White Castle locations nationwide since April, 2018. Read more about that in this article. It made its “big” debut at all White Castle locations this week. I’d already tried the Impossible Burger at a local restaurant previously.


Impossible Slider wall decal

Clearly the Impossible Slider had not only lured us in, but others, too. It was pretty much standing room only when we were there for the noon lunch rush today. While we waited for our food, I did a “check in” on Facebook. My friends wanted to know what I was going to order, etc. And another friend named Scott asked if it was the first time I’d ever visited a White Castle – or just THAT White Castle. And when I mentioned that I’d ordered a chicken slider and an Impossible Slider, here was his response.

“Rookie. Always get the original with cheese. It helps “bind” everything together…” I didn’t comment back specifically about this, but #1 I haven’t eaten any red meat since the early 1990s, and #2 I don’t need advice on how NOT to poop, thank you! See what I did there with the “#2?” Groan…

Now I know what you’re thinking. A vegetarian burger? Who the Hell would eat those? And if you’re thinking hipsters, beardos, maybe even certain ethnic folks whose religious practices eschew the consumption of all things made of animals or specifically, cow? Yeah…you’re right! I saw all of “those” people in the White Castle today! Skinny jeans, jogger pants, Chuck Taylors, hoop earrings, scruffy beards, “birth control” glasses… Grumble, I’m in my 40s, so I’m “supposed” to be eyeballing younger men, right? Such a cruel joke those…”hipster” fashions and hair styles (that is another blog topic entirely).


Who decided that sweat pants and khakis should have a baby?

As for me? I’m just a former vegetarian. It was just an eating choice I made for close to 15 years. I honestly had no real “reasons” for it, it was just something I felt was the right thing to do. I never got on a high horse about it, never lectured anyone about what they chose to eat. And I still don’t. Though if you eat pork rinds in my presence I will get physically ill (LOL)! I had a female co-worker who used to eat those and I just thought it was SO disgusting! Bleah! I couldn’t even be in the same room with her when she ate them!

But then, I’ve always kind of a picky eater anyway, so choosing to not eat any meat for years was just all part of the “picky” package. No big deal, right?

Finally, we got our food! And while we were eating, there was a bubbly blonde college girl, who could have easily entered and won an Amanda Seyfried look-alike contest sitting in the next booth who would NOT STFU. Chatter, chatter chatter! I thought, “Someone please give her some food so her mouth has something else to do.” And then my mind went to an even filthier place involving other things that could keep her mouth busy (I’ll spare y’all the details)!


Impossible slider, chicken slider and fries. They screwed up our order, my husband requested no cheese on his fish slider and I requested cheese on my chicken slider. We didn’t bother to have them correct it! There was no option to order the Impossible burger as part of a “meal deal,” so we had to just order the things we wanted individually, which probably wound up costing more.  Oh well, we’re not going to be eating here every day!

I liked that the sandwiches are a’la carte – they just come plain with pickles and onions, or with cheese, and you can add your own sauces. I hate it when burgers come with ketchup and mustard on them! And I don’t like raw onions (I did say I was picky).  I had mayo and hot sauce on mine, Mike had barbecue sauce and mayo on his. As an added bonus, Mike got a couple of “onion chips” mixed in with his fries. He let me try one. I said he must’ve appeased the Fry Gods to be given that little “gift with purchase.” Overall, I’d say the meal was “pretty good.” Not excellent, not great…but “pretty good.” Despite our wait and the lack of cheese on my chicken slider, the food was hot.

On my way out, I asked how the sales were going and if the Impossible slider ramped up traffic. And a very bubbly worker with braces said “Yes.” I told her it was my first visit and only stopped in to try the Impossible slider, and she said, “I hope you come back.”

Will I? Sure! Next time maybe I will try those fish nibbler things. And the onion chips (yum)!

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