Looking For A Trivia Recap? Here’s a Handy Guide!

There are lots and lots of ways to find specific trivia game recaps on this site! Here are some of the ways:

Date –  Know the month/year the game occurred? All trivia recaps from 2015 through the present are sorted this way. For example – know that the game occurred in September, 2015? Yo! Trivia recaps from 2012-2014 are sorted by year. We have been playing Sporcle Live games since 2012, but have only been playing MTL games regularly since 2016. I do not have recaps sorted by trivia league, except if they are tournament games (more about that below).

Team – Was the trivia recap written/posted by someone other than me? Look for “trivia recaps by other writers,” or “More Beer Less Pants” recaps.

Location – Know which place the trivia game occurred? Look for the location in the list.

Key Word – Do you recall that a question was asked about Suliman the Magnificent? Or maybe the film American Psycho?  Try putting that in the search window! Please try to pick as “unique” word as possible if looking for a trivia recap this way so you don’t get a million things listed. If you want to look at games that had questions giving my players “triviagasms,” put in the word “triviagasm!” Note, you might get a LOT of hits with this word!


A scene from American Psycho, which was written by Bret Easton Ellis. I tried reading his novel Less Than Zero a few years ago, and had ZERO interest in it. Did not get past the first 60 pages.

Game Type – Is the trivia recap/quiz you’re looking for involve a theme trivia game (Star Wars, ’90s Music, ’80s Music, Superheroes, Zombies, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, ’80s Movies, etc.)? Then look it up under “theme trivia.”

Trivia Tournaments – There is a separate category for “trivia tournaments.” There are also categories for “MTL Tournaments,” and “Sporcle Tournaments,” as well as “venue tournaments.”

Hope all of this helps. Happy hunting!

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