Weekend Update – We Logged A Trivia Score Without Playing…And RIP Ms. Chipmunk Mama!

Specials thanks to Evan who recruited a couple of “helpers” and played under our league number Saturday at Oscar’s Sports and Grill! This means we only need to play one more game there to qualify for playing in the July 28 venue tournament. I hope that we don’t NEED to play this game, but I’d be foolish to not set up the spot as a “backup” in case we shit ourselves silly at Original Gravity July 26.

I’ll get back into the posting of trivia blogs very soon! I just got back from spending a couple of nights with the in-laws. The biggest activity of this morning was Mr. Lucky the cat catching not only ONE rodent…but TWO! They were both chipmunks, but it gets better…one of them was pregnant! Don’t ask how my mother-in-law knew this, but let’s just say she could tell not by the critter’s swollen belly, but because of another…swollen body part! I asked whether she survived the attack, and her answer was, “No, she’s sleeping with the fishes.” Literally. “We’ve put more corpses in the river than the Sopranos.” Yup, Ms. Chipmunk is now floating down the Muskegon River as I type this, and unless hers – and her babies’ corpses are further mauled by other aquatic creatures, she just might wind up in Lake Michigan. I can think of worse places to end up!


Imagine Tim Allen in one of those “Pure Michigan” ads…”The Muskegon River…playground for boaters and tubers alike…also watery graveyard for rodents killed by the Robinsons’ cats.”

I’m thinking of renaming Mr. Lucky the cat either Charles Manson or Scott Peterson.  If you’re not in the know already, both of these notorious men killed women who were pregnant.



As I was trying to get Mr. Lucky’s attention while he was posing on this stump and getting him to look at the camera, he decided he wanted to come over to me and rub on my legs. Cheeky bastard!

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