Wow, 63 Blog Views Today!

Hey all! I am in lovely Mecosta County, MI with my in-laws and watching Dunkirk and enjoying some vodka collins cocktails. I was at a liquor store called Grunst Brothers in Big Rapids, MI earlier and saw bacon flavored vodka! Ick…what kind of cocktails would THAT work in? A BLT? Tomato juice, bacon vodka garnished with lettuce leaves and cheese cubes? I suppose you could make a bloody Mary out of it. I opted instead  for lime flavored  Burnett’s vodka. One review  of  this  vodka  I read a while back called it “king of the bottom shelf.” Accurate!


Scene from Dunkirk. Harry Styles from “One Direction” is in it.

Almost as exciting as this film was one of the four cats (Boo, the black  and  white one ) catching a mole and bringing  it into the house. Poor thing was still wriggling. I kind of reacted like that black housekeeper from “Tom and Jerry,” except I didn’t  stand on a chair.


Boo the cat may look innocent enough, but do not be fooled! She is a cold-blooded killer who loves to drag her victims  into the kitchen (all killers have an MO, and that is hers)

Thanks for giving my blog so much love today. I love you all in return, thanks!







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