Taking A Break From Blogging Today…(Except This One)

Hey folks. It’s  going to be hellaciously hot today. It’s already more than 80 degrees in my house, and upper 90-degree temperatures with high humidity are predicted for today. My plans on this day off from work are to focus on watching some World Cup matches  in my home until such time it gets too hot and my husband and I adjourn to some air conditioned  spot to…continue watching World Cup matches! We have a gift certificate for a bar in Belleville that we won in a trivia game a few weeks ago, we might use that to have some lunch today! The a/c in our house has not worked since Memorial Day weekend and won’t be replaced for a couple of more weeks.


Photo credit: Melissa Lubinski, this is Agate Street in Houghton, MI which is very, very close to where my brother lives. Read more about Mother Nature’s recent ravaging of Michigan’s Keeweenaw Peninsula here.

I am not going to complain too much about  the weather, since flash flooding is taking its toll on the U.P. as I type this on my tablet. My brother lives in Houghton, MI with his family and described the events: “Chaos ensued. It was unbelievable.” He’s  not a very “chatty,”  wordy guy, mind you! He got all of the real “brains” among the two of us kids (he went to math camp in middle school and has an engineering degree…and makes lots more money than I do), and I got all of the…personality, creativity and wordsmithery (LOL)!  A street he drives daily (Agate Street, shown above, this is not my photo, someone named Melissa Lubinski took the photo) is washed out. Sewer and water lines are exposed. I spoke with him last night, he said (so far) his house is safe and people are helping each other out, since there are families who can’t even get out out of  their driveways. He and his wife  took a walk downtown, and the main street is destroyed and impassable. My heart breaks with this news, I do not want to see this beautiful  area  of our state in ruin! My biggest concern out of all of this is that this whole area sits on top of old copper mines, and sinkholes have been opening up. Please don’t swallow up the Keweenaw, Mother Nature! Take ME instead!

I’ll be heading to a trivia game with my husband tonight so I’ll have a recap of that game posted on Tuesday. In the meantime, please feel free to perform any ritual sacrifices that you see fit to appease the Weather Gods if you think it will help them to stop raining shit on the lovely Keweenaw Peninsula! 🙂

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