Trivia Recap – June 17, 2018 – Oscar’s Sports and Grill

Hey trivia folks, happy Father’s Day to any of you dads, pimp daddies, father figures, etc! I’m going to be spending some time with my own dad today, so thanks to Matt for typing up the questions from Saturday’s Sporcle Live game and saving me a bit of time! I had to work this morning (ugh…HATE working on Sundays), so this will save me some time! If any of our questions differed from the ones they had in Toledo, I’ll indicate so. We finished with a (meh) 109 points, no prizes, but a moral victory for getting the game two final question correct! We just happened to be too far back in the standings to hit the prize zone, thanks mainly to missing a Disney movies questions for six points! These things happen…Now let’s get on with it, shall we?

Game One
1. Albums: Rebel Heart, MDNA, and Hard Candy are the three most recently released studio albums by what musician?

2. Alcohol: In the US, what term is used for the measure of the content of ethanol in an alcoholic beverage?

3. French: Name either of the names used by French monarchs more than nine times. Bonus for both.
Yup for 8 plus the bonus.

4. Theme Songs: Audio clip of an a cappella version of the theme song to one of those ubiquitous cartoons written for adults. This one debuted in 2013.
Mike spotted this one right away, it would have taken me a bit longer, got for 7.

5. Bays: The Biscayne Bay is located in which US state?
Miss for 3.

6. References: What is the name given to an annual publication that typically contains information such as astronomical data, crop planting dates, and tide tables? 6

7. Video Games: What city is the setting for the 2018 video game released by Quantic Dream that is subtitled Become Human?
Got this for 4, thanks to a “lifeline” from a couple of guys sitting next to us (thanks two guys in the dress shirts, lol).

8. Film Characters: What is the name of the character played by Tom Cruise in the Mission Impossible movie series? Miss. Did not research this FB clue enough and I have never seen any of the movies or the TV series. Miss for 1.

9. Same Name: Which of the seven deadly sins is also the name of an animal?
Yup for 5. Interesting note, the wolverine’s Latin name Gulo gulo means “glutton.” And someone who engages in gluttony is…a glutton. Sorry, I just channeled Cliff Clavin for a second there!

10. Animals in the News: What is the name of the horse who won the Triple Crown in 2018?
Thank you for paying attention to this..(love you), got this for 2.

Mystery Round: This Day in History
1. In 1884, Gravity Switchback Railway opened, which is considered to be the first commercially successful what?
2. In 1903, which of the Big 3 US automakers was the first to be founded?
3. In 1963, what Russian became the first woman to travel to space?
4. In 1968, what Mexican American golfer won his first US Open?

Missed #3 and #4. I put down the name of the only Mexican American golfer I could think of (turns out he’s Puerto Rican, not Mexican…), which apparently amused Sporcle Live with Liz because the golfer’s name that I put down is also a drag character in a 1990s film! Hey…I try to bring the funny sometimes! Sometimes it’s not so funny when I have to step into “sports” territory, though! Just you wait for the game two final question!


We put down Chi Chi Rodriguez as our guess on the golfer question. This is Chi Chi from To Wong Foo: Thanks for Everything, Julia Newmar, as portrayed by John Leguizamo.

Heading into the final:
Nine teams, scores 22 to 61, with One is the Loneliest Number in first. We were in second with 59.

Final Category: US Cities
Final Question: As of the 2010 US census, California has three of the top 10 most populous cities in the United States. Name all three cities.

Nope, wagered full points and missed.
Game winners: Better Late Than Never, 72; One is the Loneliest Number, 81.

Game Two
1. Toys: What toy introduced in 1967 consists of an illuminated box with colored plastic pegs that fit into a panel to create patterns?

2. #1 Songs: Who is the credited artist of the single “This is America” which hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in May 2018?
Miss for 1.

3. The Human Body: What endocrine gland produces several hormones, most notably insulin?
Yup, 9.

4. Islands: Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao, collectively known as the ABC Islands, belong to which European nation?
Thank you Natalee Holloway (she is the reason I knew this one), 8.

5. Sitcoms: What sitcom that originally aired from 1965 until 1970 was revived for one season in 1995 with Don Adams and Barbara Felton reprising their original roles?
Good guess for 3.

6. Mayors: Who served as mayor of Wasilla, Alaska from 1996 until 2002? Me: “That bitch shares my birthday,” got this for 7.

7. Wrestling: What is the only country besides the US that has hosted a WrestleMania event? Bonus: in which state will WrestleMania 35 be held in 2019?
Miss and miss. But I did remember reading about Andre The Giant traveling to Japan and disliking the…small accommodations. Here’s a quote from the article I read: “That being said, Andre didn’t really like Japan. Everything was too small. Hotel beds were like bassinets and it was all but impossible for him to shower or go to the bathroom in their Lilliputian facilities. He was known to rip the door off his hotel bathroom and make use of the toilet by sitting sideways with his legs sticking out into the main room.” I can actually kind of relate to him feeling cramped in bathrooms/showers, sometimes I have that problem too! But I’ve never ripped a door off a bathroom, lol…Fantastic article, if anyone wants to read it, click here

8. Disney: Si and Am are Siamese cats who appear in which 1955 Disney animated film?
This was all Mike’s bad. But also my bad for not being more pushy about the movie he wanted to put down not being in the right decade. So a perfect storm of failure! Miss for 6.

9. Fast Food: Which fast food restaurant chain has used Rooty the Great American Root Bear as its mascot since 1974?

10. Literary Animals: What title character of a 1902 story sneaks into Mr. MacGregor’s garden before being caught and having to escape?

Visual –

Missed #2 and #3.

Heading into the final:
Ten teams? Think? Didn’t catch all of the scores, and didn’t write down who had what, other than us having 50 points and someone having 61 points as the top score.

Final Category: Soccer
Final Question: Only one former FIFA World Cup champion nation did not qualify for the 2018 World Cup. Name that nation.

Wagered and got it, but so did at least two teams ahead of us…finished just outside the prize zone for the second week in a row)!
Unsure who the game winners were…
We’ll have to miss the next two games at Oscar’s Sports & Grill because of weekend activities the next couple of weeks. But we’ll be back in July! Our next game is Monday at Powell’s Pub, so look for our next game recap on Tuesday. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Sarah Palin!

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