Everyone Wants To Be A Hero On Trivia Night!

I played a “Face The Music” game Tuesday at the ROC bar in Plymouth, which is really just a fancy name for “name that tune,” except it’s done in a My Trivia Live trivia-style format – six rounds, three questions each – plus a “halftime” round and a final “bet it all” question (which we failed). Nothing major to report, we didn’t win any prizes 😦 This is not going to be a full game recap, just some anecdotes/observations. The players on this night were Kim and I, who have teamed up in many games in the past. Also in attendance were Kim’s friends Evelyn and Amy – I’d met Evelyn once before, but had never met Amy until that night. Once they were all there, they got to talking about their kids (moms….go figure!). So I kind of tuned out and doodled on my note paper,  “kind of” listening to their respective stories, but not really having much to add/contribute.

But when it came to the questions?  I was all business! Everyone wants to be a hero in a trivia game, and say “Hey, I got this!” This is how I felt during a couple of rounds, one of which was all 1970s tunes (which made the other women groan). I tried reassuring them, “Hey this may be a good round for me. I know some of the older music.” My mom was a huge music fan when I was a kid, so I kind of “absorbed” a lot of the music of the day.

Earlier in the game, one of the audio clues was a song from an album that the host said was called The Raw And The Cooked, and within seconds of the song being played, I started writing down the answer. Kim said to me, “You knew that one just because of the title of the album?” “Yes,” I said to her. “I had that one on cassette. ”


The Fine Young Cannibals were one of at least a couple of prominent ’80s “new wave” bands featuring lead singers named Roland, in the band the  Fine Young Cannibals, the lead singer’s name was Roland Gift. Another Roland was one half of the duo Tears For Fears, and his last name is Orzabal. Roland is also a synthesizer brand name. Know your Rolands, lol…

Kim had a chance to be a “hero” when they wanted to know the “real” name of the rapper who recorded “Ice, Ice Baby,” which was playing.  It took her a couple of clicks, but she came up with his name. I said to her, “I’m so glad you know that so I don’t have to. I also joked, “Was he related to Rip Van Winkle?”

Just a couple of observations…Aldo Nova may SOUND like Ronnie James Dio, but is Canadian, not American. Check! Also…who knows the name of Springsteen’s double album released in 1980? We didn’t! We just knew it wasn’t Nebraska, or Born in the U.S.A. (I knew the release years of both of those albums). Also, not everyone knows what the term “Fab Four” means. My poker face was put to the test when Amy asked aloud, “What’s the Fab Four?” My inner smart-ass wanted to say…”How do you NOT know who the ‘Fab Four’ are? You don’t LOOK like you’ve been living under a rock your entire life.” Seriously…I didn’t say a WORD! Not out loud, anyway…

There were a couple of cool “teamwork” moments – Kimberly was agonizing over a song by an artist with a 2007 “greatest hits” album, and just couldn’t quite place it. I said I wouldn’t be much help, since I’m not that great at 2000s music. When time was running out and the host was about to ask for the slips, she said, “What was the name of that band that Rob Thomas sang in?” For some strange reason? I KNEW this tidbit about 2000s music! I think because one of my friends was into this group (I never listened to them). Goes to show…it never hurts to ask! You never know who might have the essential knowledge nugget in their brain that you need! Sometimes you just need to say the right words to “pry it loose.”


Damn…what’s his name???

The shoe was on the other foot when I was agonizing over “that nerdy guy with the thick rimmed glasses…the one singer sporting that whole nerdy look? Hipster before hipsters were a thing?” Yeah, I’m not always very eloquent (lol). So I nudged Kim’s friend Evelyn, who was sitting right next to me, and I asked, “Who’s that one nerdy singer with the glasses who had this 1979 hit?” The song was playing, and I recognized his voice, and if someone said his name, I’d say “Yes, that’s it.” He was described as “new wave,” which meant they were all leaning on me for that one! Turns out Evelyn knew the right guy’s name, she said she just didn’t think of him as being “new wave.”

Sometimes it’s all in HOW you ask a question! It’s nice to be a hero on trivia nights, but it’s also nice when your teammates can get the “assist!”

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