Trivia Recap – April 13, 2018 – Original Gravity Brewing Co.

1989 Emmy Awards
This is MY Emmy, bitches! Steven Bochco at the 1989 Emmy Awards ceremony
It’s not every day that our team gets a trivia question correct about Emmy-winning TV shows. We like to joke that Emmy Awards are a topic we just don’t want to touch with a 10-foot pole (so, so icky). And it’s even more rare when that Emmy question is about a recently deceased TV creator whom “may” have been described in another blog  here as the “undisputed master of the doctor, cop lawyer TV genre.” In fact, when the category of “TV creators” was announced, I said, “I really, really hope this will be about Steven Bochco,” which it was! Too bad Lady Luck wasn’t looking so kindly upon me later in the game when I couldn’t remember the last name of the “main” family from “The Wonder Years.” I think the whole city of Milan could have lodged noise complaints from being able to hear me thumping my head against the bar in frustration, lol! This is all hyperbole, of course, though it was frustrating…sheesh, I could remember the last name of Kevin’s girlfriend Winnie, but couldn’t remember HIS last name (curse my weird brain)! And I even watched that show regularly when it first aired!
Kevin and Winnie on The Wonder Years
This was a “warmup” game of sorts, since we plan to begin playing here regularly again when the new Sporcle Live season begins in a little more than a week. It felt good to be back at Original Gravity Brewing Co., even if we didn’t win any prize money! We took a little stroll before the game, and overheard some yelling from the distance, which sounded like “go, go go.” Turns out it was some kind of little league “spring training” at the athletic fields. This was pretty cute – but not quite as cute as when the  pee wee football practice was going on last fall! A sad sight we saw was a lone girl soccer player dribbling a ball by her lonesome. Where was the rest of the team? Mysteries abounded!
As for the game, the questions in game one were particularly brutal for most of the teams, but game two proved to be a bit more friendly. Except for that final question about golf, which made us feel like beating ourselves in the heads with nine irons…ugh! Now let’s get on with the questions, most of which did not make us think about inflicting bodily harm upon ourselves, lol!
Game One
1. U.S. States – Which is the only U.S. state beginning with the letter “I” that does not also end in a vowel? 10
2. Beatles – Which member of the Beatles was the first to have a solo song hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100 charts? I came up with the correct guy right away, but then we started talking about other possibilities, so we missed for 3.
3. Voyages – After leaving Southampton, England; the RMS Titanic docked in what country before continuing its maiden voyage? Name two of those countries for an additional bonus point. Goth both for for only 5.
4. College Basketball – Which Division I school did Steph Curry play for in 2008? This is not exactly how the question was worded…miss for 1.
5. New TV – What reality singing competition series debuted in January, 2018 on Fox and has the tagline “The Battle For Stardom?” Mike was all over this, strangely enough…”They hyped the f— out of this show,” he said. Hey…it doesn’t matter HOW you know an answer…as long as you know it! Got this for 9.
6. Opening Lines – What 1951 novel opens with the following line: “If you really want to hear about it, the first thing you’ll probably want to know is where I was born, and what my lousy childhood was like?” Neither of us had ever read this book, but my hunch proved to be correct. “This guy just couldn’t shut up about himself,” I said…only wagered 2, though which would come back to haunt us later when we will [SPOILER] burn a 7 AND a 6 point slip. Now are you SURE you want to read on? 🙂 In fact, this game kind of starts going downhill from here!
7. 2000s Movies – In the 2001 movie “The Princess Diaries,” what actress/singer played Lana Thomas? Miss for 4.
8. Cheese – Havarti cheese originated in what European country? We picked a European country, just one that was a bit too far south…miss for 6.
9. Dank Memes – An Internet meme that gained popularity in the spring of 2018 featured images of family members from what reality TV show? Miss for 7. Sadly, I never saw any of these memes in my news feed. Or is that really a sad thing? Hmm, now to see if I can make my own memes out of these brawling guys, stay tuned!
10. Latin Names – New Zealand and Argentina are among the best places to see Aurora Australis, more commonly known by what name? Easy answer for Mike, finished this horrible, horrible regular round with our 8 point slip.
Mystery – Quickfire
Of the Top 10 highest-grossing movies at the U.S. box office that are live-action remakes of animated TV shows, which four are the highest grossing, after “Avatar – The Last Airbender?”
Managed to get two of these correct.
Scores – Ten teams, scores ranging from 31 to 59, with the 11-person “visiting” team Shake, Bake and Overtake in first. team Mott was right behind them with 57, This is Sparta not far behind with 56. We were in seventh with 40 points, thanks mainly to those two big point misses! Honestly, even if I had seen that “dank meme,” I would not have been able to recognize who was in it (geez I’m so out of touch, lol)! Moving on…
Final Category – ’80s Video Games
In the original 1985 version of the game Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, there were five cities a player could visit that are NOT a national capital city.
Name two of those five cities. We also had the “hint” that these cities were among the two most populous in their nations.
Got both of these on reasoned guesses, wagered 20. Not enough to put us in the prize zone.
Game winners: Team Mott, 77; Shake, Bake and Overtake, 79.
Game Two
1. Comics – Wimpy, Sweet Pea and Poopdeck Pappy all supporting characters to what title character who was first introduced in 1919? Social, every team got this, we got for 10.
2. TV Creators – What are the names of two of the three TV series created by Steven Bochco that won Prime Time Emmy Awards? Total triviagasm moment…got this for 9.
3. Countries – Of the seven continents in the world, which one has the largest number of sovereign nations? 8
4. Brands – What brand of vinyl wall graphics based in Detroit is owned by Dan Gilbert, majority owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers and chairman/founder of Quicken Loans? Quite a few teams seemed to be confused by the wording of this question (the wording here is not exactly as the question was presented). Mike was all over this, but for only 5.
5.Wrestling – What four-word title is given to winners of the annual WWE championship, whom also win a briefcase carrying a special contract allowing them a future event of their choosing? Nope, miss for 1.
6. ’90s Movies (I did a prayer to the trivia gods before this question asking that it not be as difficult as the 2000s movie question from the previous game) – What 1991 movie featured Damon Wayans and Bruce Willis, whom played a police officer and an ex-con? Another “hit” for Mike, 7.
7. Gaming – What 2015 third-person shooter Nintendo Wii game features characters called “inklings?” We missed this for 2, but the description sounds fascinating – characters can transform between humanoid and squid forms! Now THAT’s kinda cool!
8. Animals – Despite its colorful name, what animal, the only living member of the family Ailuridae, is most closely related to skunks and raccoons? 6
Animal from previous question at the Toledo Zoo in April, 2017. This photo doesn’t do this animal justice, one really needs to see how cute it is when it’s running around! 🙂
9. First Ladies – born in London in 1775, Louisa Catherine Johnson was the first First Lady born outside of the United States. To what U.S. president was she married? We worked a bit here, but got for 3.
10. Interruptions – Kanye West has interrupted two performers at awards shows during their acceptance speeches, one at the MTV Music Awards in 2009, the other at the 2015 Grammy Awards. Name one of those two performers, both for a “nerd” bonus point. Got one but not both for 4.
Mystery – TV Families (I prayed “please be old TV…which it was)
Give the last names of the following first names of TV families.
1. Mike, Carol, Greg, Marcia, Jan, Peter, Cindy and Bobby
2. Jack, Norma, Karen, Wayne and Kevin
3. Jacque, Ellie, Gary, J.R. and Bobby
4. Philip, Vivian, Carlton, Hilary, Ashley
Missed #2. Though I really, really tried to remember their name! #trivianightfail
Scores – Eight teams, scores 39 to 59, with Everything in Life in first. We were right behind them in second with 58, with Big Heads Big Hearts nipping at our heels with 56 points.
Final Category – Golf (yikes!)
Had no choice but to wager zero on this one, though it’s not something we’re fond of doing! We have a couple of players who might have given us a fighting chance on this one (Brad and David), sadly neither of them were in attendance this night.
The champion of the Masters Tournament has only ever been from the United States, Europe, or one of five other countries. Name three of those five countries.
Only managed to name one correct country. Tiebreaker for second had to be settled between This is Sparta and Big Heads Big Hearts: What was the domestic box office gross of “The Last Boy Scout? BH won the tiebreaker (at least I think they did…)
Final: Big Heads, 76; Everything in Life, 79.
Until our next trivia outing, which is…TBD (IKR)? Both of the trivia leagues we’ve been playing are now in the off season, so our next spot, if any, will be a “wild card.” As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, those guys from “American Chopper.”

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