We Will Bow Down To The Power Of…Puppies!


One of my trivia teammates Brad will be adopting two Scottish deerhound puppies this weekend, which means for a little while, he’ll be on what I’m dubbing “puppy paternity leave.” One of the puppies he will wind up keeping, the other he is just “fostering” until it can go to another home later. Using the generous time off that working for the University of Michigan offers to its employees, he’ll be taking a brief sabbatical to play papa to the two pups, and make sure his other two dogs don’t try killing them (lol).

Which means he won’t be coming out to trivia games for a bit, including a very important tournament game on Sunday!



Two of Brad’s puppies roughhousing in 2010

Obviously I’m not really happy about this turn of events, but dogs are Brad’s life! He breeds and raises show dogs, and takes them out on multiple coursing events throughout the year. As our team always does, we’ll adapt to his absence as best as we can! My husband and I (and also Dave when he can come out) will begin playing at Original Gravity Thursdays in Milan when the new season begins (and also tonight). When Brad’s schedule is more freed up and he can leave the pups at home without worrying about them destroying the house, he’ll be able to come out to trivia games every other Tuesday at Cultivate, which is literally steps from his house. We don’t have as many regular players anymore, but thankfully I’m on pretty decent terms with enough players from other teams out there to be able to call them in as “reservists” for deciding games when needed! Last year alone, I had three different players come to me asking to play with the team! One of them drove all the way from the Lansing area to help us win first place in a tournament in July (for the record, we all teamed up well on the questions…he was not really any more valuable than any of my own players that day). Apparently there are people who see when I shine the “Pods Signal” into the sky, lol…I’ve been bugging my husband to make an image of that.

That said, for this weekend’s tournament, I’ll have neither Brad nor Dave available to play, which makes me very sad! But…life happens.

Joining us in Sunday’s game will be Evan, Kevin and Archie, whom all play with or have played with other trivia teams over the past few years. Archie has said he’ll play if we need him, but if someone else knocks on the door and is more eager to play, he’ll step aside. I think he will be good for filling Brad’s “old guy” niche, and he also will be helpful on older music questions, sports questions, and TV questions.  Oh yeah, soccer questions too! I would not be surprised to see a soccer question pop up, since the World Cup is happening this summer!

Obviously I’d prefer to field as many players from our “ranks” as possible for this game, but hey, I gotta do what I gotta do! On a positive note, Evan and Kevin teamed up very well on the questions in our tournament last August (we actually finished eighth overall). In the next tournament in December, we managed to finish 13th overall. No prize money, obviously – but still a better showing than we’ve made in some past tournaments! We’ve come SO close – will we do it this time?

Probably not! I wouldn’t bet on us to do anything as crazy as that. But dammit, we worked pretty hard to just qualify for this game!

Next up? The My Trivia Live tournaments in May! I won’t have Brad for the finals either (he’ll be out of town at a dog show), but filling MTL spots is way easier than filling Sporcle Live spots! Like “The Dude” in The Big Lebowski, the ‘Pods abide.

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