Sporcle Live Final Questions – January -February 2014

On the 2013 Fortune 500 list, there are five companies that are headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. One of these is a construction company called Kiewit. Name two of the other four.


What film that was released in 2013 was the first film to be entirely distributed digitally? It also has the dubious honor of containing the highest number of F-bombs of any major studio film.


Among all spaces on which a token can land on a standard Monopoly board, there are five words that appear exactly three times. Name four of them.


Name two of the four countries in North America and South American that have served as a filming location for the CBS reality show Survivor.


Fleetwood Mac had three #1 albums on the U.S. Hot 100 charts. Name two of them. We came up with one correct one.


What actor was nominated for acting Oscars eight times, and won a supporting Oscar for the ’55 film “Mr. Roberts” and a best actor win for 1973’s “Save the Tiger?” He also played an uncredited role in a ’00 film with Will Smith, which was his last film appearance.


Two men share the record of having the most Grammy nominations without a single win. One is an R&B singer, the other is a rapper. Name one.


Name two U.S. states in which you would find extinct volcanoes.


Time magazine’s first person of the year in 1927 was just 25 years old when selected. Who was this person? They were the youngest “person of the year” Time has picked to date.


What actor played a real-life astronaut, rock star, MLB player and a governor on film?

NOTE: This one was very tricky in tracking down the answer! If anyone wants a lifeline, please check the comments. Otherwise, feel free to try figuring this one out on your own!


There are seven nations competing at the 2014 Winter Olympics for the first time. Five of these nations are represented by a single competitor. Name two of these five countries. Two of the countries are landlocked; the other three are island nations.


In 2013, McDonald’s announced that their Chicken McNuggets are processed into four specific shapes, each of which have been given a four letter name beginning with the letter B. Name three of the four.


To date, only four women have won all four major American entertainment awards in competitive categories. These awards include the Oscar, Emmy, Tony, and the Grammy. Name one of these four women.
Note: Liza Minnelli and Barbara Streisand have won all four, but both of them have received one special or honorary non-competitive award, therefore, for the sake of this question, they do not count.


In 2014, the Denver Broncos made their 7th Super Bowl appearance, the second most all-time behind the eight appearances of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys. What is the only other NFL team to have made seven Super Bowl appearances?




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