Final Questions from 2013 Trivia Games

 This is part of an ongoing “archiving” project I’m working on. Stay tuned!


Name three of Barbara Walters’ four original co-hosts on The View
What is the tallest free standing (not part of a range) mountain on earth?
Which state besides Massachusetts has had more than one Democratic nominee for president?
Which Michael Jackson song was his last #1 hit?
What two states share the longest border with each other?
What television show moved its airing day from Sunday to Thursday to avoid having to compete with “The Cosby Show,” moving it back to Sunday in 1994?
Who became the oldest People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” in 1989 at age 59?
What 2011 Academy Award nominee for Best Picture ends with actress Kerris Dorsey singing a version of “The Show”, by Lenka, changing the final line of the song from “I want my money back” to “you’re such a loser, dad”?
The first non-orange Wheaties box was released in the 1990s and was colored in honor of a U.S. professional sports team to commemorate their championship season. With what two colors was this Wheaties box colored?
What was the most popular boy’s name beginning with the letter S in the following decades: 1880s, 1890s, 1900s, 1990s, and 2000s?
What US city fits the following statements?
1) Home to an MLB team and an NFL team, but not NBA or NHL.
2) Not in the state of Oklahoma, but the title of a song in the musical “Oklahoma!”
3) Largest city in the state
4) Sits on the border with another state
5) I-70 and I-35 both go through it.
Of the top ten most populous countries, four have flags that contain stars. Name all four.
The National Toy Hall of Fame began inducting toys in 2001. Of the 51 inductees, four begin with the letter J. Name three of them.
Which is the only movie to win a Best Picture Academy Award as a Rated X movie? It was downgraded to R two years later.
There have been only two shows to win Prime Time Emmys for Outstanding Variety, Comic or Music show since 1998. Name both.
There are four country names in the world that start with the letter “S” and are five letters long. Name three of them.
After California and Texas, which state has the highest number of unique telephone numbers?
What State Am I?
1. Thirteenth largest state by area
2. Thirty-fourth most populous
3. Highest peak: King’s Peak, 13,500 feet
4. Major cities include St. George, Layton, and Taylorsville.
5. Also something about Forbes calling it the best state in which to live
Name two SNL cast members with last names starting with D.
 In March 2007, the Seminole tribe of Florida finalized the purchase of which worldwide chain of restaurants for $960 million? The chain was founded in 1971 and is now headquartered in Orlando.
During the 1980s, there were three different NBA players who won more than one MVP award. Name two of them.
Independent Women Part 1 by Destiny’s Child was #1 for 11 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and was included in the soundtrack for what 2000 film?
Rolling Stone Magazine recently released the results of a readers’ poll ranking the greatest Canadian rock stars of all time. What artist is ranked #1?
Name three of the four NBA teams that were expansion franchises in the late 1980s. Two of them began in 1988 and the other two began in 1989.
Name all three US state capitals that are home to an NBA team, but have no other teams in any of the Big Four US sports leagues.
Name the actor for which the following is true: A 41 year old actor known primarily for television work. He currently appears in two TV programs on two different networks (one cable, one network). He began on one show in 2004 and the other in 2009. He has made appearances in Spider Man 2 and Lords of Dogtown. He had a prominent role in a 2012 movie as Rex.
Reese’s makes special versions of their peanut butter candies that are available during certain holiday seasons. For Halloween, it’s in the shape of a pumpkin. Name the other three shapes.
Put the four horror films in order of release from the earliest to the most recent: The Shining, Alien, Night of the Living Dead, Halloween.
The “Triple Gold Club” is an exclusive group among hockey players. To be a member, a player has to have won an Olympic gold medal, a Stanley Cup and a World Championship. Players from four nations including the Soviet Union are members of the club. Name two of the other three nations represented.
There have been six hosts of the television game show Family Feud. Name four of them.
Name two of the four Official Jelly Belly flavors (There are 50) that begin with the letter “P”.
Among the top selling DVDs of 2012, two of them were animated and sold more than 5 million units. Name both.
Which state capital derives its name from the Hebrew word “Shalom” and also has a landmark called the “peace plaza?”
What HBO comedy ran for only two seasons between 2007-2009 despite critical acclaim and 10 Emmy nominations, including outstanding comedy series?
What fast food chain became the first to discontinue kids’ meals and toys at U.S. restaurants in July, 2013 with this taking effect in July 2014 at 6,000 locations nationwide?
What 1994 comedy received an NC-17 rating strictly based on explicit language until the rating was changed to R for its commercial release?

Theme Trivia Night final questions

Put the following “Superman” actors (TV and movies) in order from youngest to oldest (at the time the movie or TV show premiered):
1. Henry Cavill
2. Dean Cain
3. George Reeves
4. Tom Welling
5. Christopher Reeve
Besides “Night of the Living Dead,” name three other movies from the famous George Romero zombie film series with release dates of ’78, ’85, ’05, ’07, and ’10.
William Friedkin, who directed the 1973 movie “The Exorcist” also directed a movie released two years earlier, which won the Oscar for best director?

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