Some Things I want to see happen in 2018!

“You may say…that I’m a dreamer…but I’m not the only one.”  Here are some things I would like to see come to pass in 2018, now that 2017 is drawing to a close!

#1: Shower Karaoke Machine

Who loves singing in the shower but hates forgetting the lyrics once they’re in there? They already make waterproof shower radios/mirrors and have nailed Bluetooth technology so well that we could monitor our front porches (and washing machines, refrigerators) from the International Space Station, why would a karaoke machine be that much of a stretch? Get on the job, Hammacher Schlemmer! Are they even around anymore? Sharper Image? I’m looking at YOU! SOMEBODY can make this thing!


The acoustics in a typical shower are SO ideal for testing one’s singing chops for future karaoke nights! And the hot, moist air is SO good for the vocal chords!

#2: “Star Wars Credits” as a downloadable app for reading e-books

Won’t that make ANY book seem more exciting? Especially if there’s a John Williams score accompanying the text! Think of the possibilities! Even the most dry, boring text would come to life if it seemed like it was scrolling on a screen in front of you!


Hell, this app might even get me to read Nicholas Sparks books!

#3: Some shakeups in the upcoming elections

If people are really as upset as they are about the status quo, prove it by going out to vote! I really don’t want to get political with this blog, but I do see SO many people complaining about how things are. Put the pedal to the metal! BE the change!

#4: A Superhero Movie Without TOO Many Superheroes (and lesser supporting characters) Jam-Packed Into It

I’ve become kind of disheartened by the most recent batch of superhero movies, especially the “Avengers” movies.. I have not yet seen Justice League, but will see it soon enough, because (ahem) Aquaman looks pretty f—ing hot!


He has a…TRIDENT! I can’t even! What kind of things can you poke with THAT thing, Arthur Curry?

Sorry… But, hey guys…Gal Gadot is pretty f—ing awesome, too! So just for you, I’ll include a picture of her, too (jeez, twist my arm…)


Happy? Here’s Wonder Woman for all of you! This is a superhero movie that made me cry! True story…

All that said…I think the individual players – and some of the “supporting” characters – in “The Avengers” are pretty awesome. And I LOVE Thor.


I don’t normally go for blondes, but for the God of Thunder? I MIGHT make an exception! He has an adorably innocent personality…and he kicks ass, too!

Though I am not liking that Thor got a haircut before the most recent movie. He’s a Viking, WHY would he cut his hair?  I like Tony Stark/Iron Man, he’s a loveable, really super-smart playboy. Smart guys are sexy!  Bruce Banner is also brilliant, and he can turn into The Hulk, and well, that’s kinda hot, too! However…Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Captain America… are supporting characters at best.  Scarlet Witch, Spider-Man and Doctor Strange – should exist in their own respective universes, imho. Peter Parker and Tony Stark existing in the same universe just creates WAY too much snark for the human brain to tolerate! In both comedy shows and the real world, you need both the “straight man” – and the “joker.” Peter Parker and Tony Stark are both too wise-cracking to fit the “straight man” role. As for Doctor Strange, he  is a wizard, for f—s sake! And also really smart! The absolute sexiest moment of Doctor Strange, to me, was when he was rattling off trivial facts about Bob Seger (I have some very strange turn-ons, what can I say)? He can be a guest player on my trivia team ANY day! I think Marvel/Disney/whomever owns the franchise ATM are throwing WAY too many characters into these movies. And so much CGI that I might as well play a video game! What’s next? Is Deadpool going to be added to the Avengers “canon”  too? Perish the thought! That would bring the rating to “R” in no time! And as Deadpool proved, an “R” rating for a comic book adaptation is box office poison! Wait, no it’s not… $783 million worldwide box office gross! I was totally kidding there, of course! I still chuckle at this movie de-throning 50 Shades of Grey as the top Valentine’s weekend release! I secretly kind of hate Valentine’s Day, because it is too close to my birthday, but I digress…Hell, I saw Deadpool on Valentine’s weekend in 2016! I’m SUCH a hopeless romantic, aren’t I?


Deadpool and I could literally go on all day long based on pop culture conversations and snarky dialogue alone. And if I break into singing “You’re the Inspiration” by Chicago? It wouldn’t seem odd at all! And if I had that programmed into my shower karaoke machine, I would be able to nail the f— out of that on karaoke nights!

#5: Where’s My Lobo Movie, Dammit?


Lobo is D.C.’s answer to “Wolverine.” I recently watched the movie Logan, and TBH, it depressed me! I don’t want to see superheroes growing feeble and weak! What kind of escapism is THAT?

Let’s make that “Lobo” movie already! They’ve already tried doing it and  have abandoned it a few times! Make it as a stand-alone movie. Let’s face it – this bad-boy alien biker might not fit in so well with the Justice League – anymore than Deadpool would fit in with The Avengers! Oh yeah, he also obliterated his OWN PLANET so he could be the last one standing. What better way to have a better chance at the ladies? Speaking of ladies? Yeah, Lobo’s a ladies’ man! He could not only be D.C.s answer to Wolverine – but to Deadpool, too!

And that’s all I’ve gotta say about that! 🙂




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