Triviaflagellation – new word you can use on trivia nights!

New word you can use on trivia nights! “Triviaflagellation.” Triviaflagellation: /ˈtrɪviə/[flaj- uh- ley-sh uhn (verb) – The act of figuratively beating one’s self up (with no erotic context) after missing a trivia question, particularly a question the person would not normally miss. Synomyms: Brain fart, D’oh, Oh the Humanity, Just Shoot Me Already, What the F—. Here’s a sneak peek at that question: Designers – What fashion designer is credited with marketing the first pencil skirt and the first A-line skirt? Read more about that in my full recap of that game, which is coming soon! This woman is a hint to the answer (at least it was in my mind, but I just couldn’t come up with it).


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