Trivia Recap – December 19, 2017 – Canton Bistro

Stacy and I hit up the 3 p.m. or as I call it “afternoon delight” MTL game Monday at the Canton Bistro and Tavern managed to win a $20/second place gift card on a SPORTS FINAL QUESTION! Yes, that was kind of exciting! What wasn’t so exciting was blowing an entire halftime round about the movie “A Christmas Story.” Can someone give me a Red Ryder BB gun, please? The most fascinating fact about that movie, to me, is that the actor playing the kid whose tongue sticks to the light post wound up working in the porn industry for a while (but of COURSE there will never be a trivia question about that)!


The MTL trivia season drew to a close here Monday, because the remaining two games fall on Christmas and New Year’s Day, so no trivia. When the scores are officially posted in January, we’ll see if this as of yet unnamed team (let’s be clear…it’s NOT the ‘Pods!) wins a spot in the upcoming semifinals! This will be Kim’s team, not mine! Uh, Merry Christmas?
It’s been a strange ride playing here for three weeks. At our first game, my husband Mike said he overheard someone on another team whisper, “The tournament winners are playing here – we’re going to need to bring more players.” WTF? This ain’t no “‘Pods joint!” Before the game started Monday, a barhop player from another team (whom Stacy knew) came over to chat with us, mentioning the previous MTL tournament that we won (his team also placed), yada yada. I tried to brush it off, “We just got lucky, etc., this is a spot for a friend of mine, this really isn’t a ‘Pods thing…” Not sure he was buying any of it…So in my trademark not-so-subtle fashion, I said to the guy – “Well, it’s apparent you know who I am. Now who the heck are you?” Yeah, I’m a charm school dropout, what can I say? And that’s how I met “Rick,” who described himself as an “Encyclopedia.” Or did Stacy describe him to me that way? Honestly, I don’t remember exactly! I said, “Oh yeah? I had a player on another team introduce me to others that way before, it’s on!” For the record, when this person introduced me this way, I asked him to shut up, I was actually kind of embarrassed! I have also been described as “goofy trivia chick,” unsure which moniker is better! For the record, it was in NO way a heated exchange, in fact I cheered on “Team Rick” when they won the first place prize. I’m no stranger to trivia competition! Not sure I’m digging this kind of attention, though. Hmm, now to seek out appropriate disguises for future trivia outings! How about a “Little Orphan Annie” wig and oversized sunglasses? Ski mask? Paper bag over the head (uh, maybe not, might make breathing and drinking a bit difficult). It’s the hard-knock life…for us! JK, of course…Also worth noting is there were a few Sporcle Live employees playing as a team here, including a couple of hosts I’ve played with in the past. I honestly hope to see more teams come out for this very oddly timed game! And here are the questions…
Round One
1. Dogs – What dog breed is known as the “firehouse dog?” 5
2. TV – Tim Taylor on “Home Improvement” would frequently wear team apparel representing teams in which state? 3
3. Landmarks – What landmark would you be viewing if you were on the “Maid of the Mist?” Flunked a question involving this place last week, got this for 1.
Round Two
1. Conditions – Polythelia is a condition involving an extra what? Krusty on “The Simpsons” had this affliction, 5.
2. Holiday songs – According to the Hanukkah “Dreidel Song,” what is the Dreidel made of? 3
3. Las Vegas – What is the shape of the main part of the Luxor Hotel? For an extra three point bonus, what is the name of the giant ferris wheel next to the Luxor? Got the points, missed the bonus.
Round Three
1. Newspapers – In 2013, the Patriot News of Harrisburg officially apologized for a 150-year-old editorial disparaging what event ? A big of discussion, but came up with right guess at the last second for 1 point.
2. Restaurants – Until 1995, what was the name of the restaurant chain now known as Boston Market? I dubbed Stacy an “expert” in this category, lol…she was all over this one, 3 points.
3. Slang – What slang term commonly used by Italian-Americans and is commonly mispronounced and misspelled, translates roughly into “know what I mean?” Stacy again for 5.
Halftime – A Christmas Story
What is…
1. The name of Ralphie’s little brother?
2. The name of the state Ralphie and his family live in
3. The gift Santa suggests to Ralphie instead of a BB gun
4. The name of the street Ralphie’s family lives on, which shares its name with a city
Miss, miss, miss, MISS!
Scores: Six teams – Team #6, ?? points; Team Five, aka “Barside,” 21; We’re Not the ‘Pods, 27; Way Past our Bedtime, 31; There Can Be Only One, 30; and Team Rick (aka “Beth’s Team), 33.
Round Four
In which US state is it illegal to dress up like a priest for Halloween? Newsletter clue, 6
2. Christmas Movies – What book is Clarence reading throughout “It’s a Wonderful Life,” which he gives to George Bailey at the end of the movie? God, I honestly don’t think I’ve watched this movie all the way through since high school. It’s not one of those movies I’ve felt the need to see more than once! Miss for 2.
3. TV – What word is spelled out in rocks, which is visible from the helicopter Hawkeye departs in on the series finale of “MASH?” I came up with correct guess here, thank goodness, I barely watched this show AT ALL! Though I do like the theme song!
Round Five
Round five utterly killed us in the first two games we played here. This time it only maimed us a bit!
1. Reality TV – What late-night celebrity was the host of “Star Search” when it was rebooted in 2003? Whichever teams picked “reality TV” as the category probably were not expecting this question! Miss for 2.
2. Presidents – Who is the oldest living president as of today? A bit of debate between two, but got this for 4.
3. Musicals – The title of “Bye, Bye, Birdie” is a play on words based on what real-life singer? Miss for SIX. Stacy said she was decent with musicals when we heard the categories, they just happened to ask about one she’d never seen, nor one I had seen or read anything about. Figures! This would have been a great time for an Andrew Lloyd Webber question! What Andrew Lloyd Webber musical featured actors portraying train cars on roller skates?
Round Six
1. Advertising – What then Microsoft business manager appeared in 1986 advertisements for Windows? Never heard of the guy, picked the “other” Microsoft guys, miss for 6.
2. Christmas Songs – How many different birds are named in the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas?” Got it for 4.
3. Proverbs – Who is the subject of the “All Work and No Play” proverb?
Finished the whole thing with a “meh” 47 points, which put us in fourth behind there Can Be Only One (54), Way Past our Bedtime, 57 and Team Rick, 59.
Final Category – Sports
Stacy and I groaned, until we heard the question:
Which U.S. state is the most populous one to not have a “Big Four” pro sports team?
I said, “Hey, we can do this!” Then I started listing state, after state, after state and crossing off ones I knew were either not very populous or ones that didn’t have sportsball teams (interesting to note I wore my “Team Sportsball” shirt to this game). Finally I circled one, then kept going, and circled another I figured seemed like a better guess.
Got it! Yes, it was exciting, and yes, this does count as a “triviagasm!”
Standings: Way Past our Bedtime, 5 (Sporcle hosts team); We’re Not the Pods, 94; and Team Rick, ???
We had a “real” ‘Pods game Monday night at Powell’s Pub. We made a vain attempt to log a higher score than we did at Maplewood Lanes the previous Friday and WE GOT THE EXACT SAME SCORE! Balls! I’ll have a recap of that game posted a bit later! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Lionel Barrymore’s character in “It’s a Wonderful Life!”

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