These are a few of my favorite things (holiday edition)!


Yes, I can be famously grumpy, or “Grinch-like” if you will around the holidays since I am a retail slave. But I really have been trying to seek out the things about the “season” that make me happy! Here goes…

1. People who can work unsupervised without me wanting to strangle them.

2.Any moment where I don’t have to hear either Michael Bublé singing “Jingle Bells” or whatever the hell that song is that Josh Groban sings.


3. Tasteful holiday displays without the inflatable things that never, ever seem to stand upright properly. I saw an inflatable snowman who looked like he was doing a face plant yesterday. Though I wouldn’t mind seeing entertaining inflatable holiday displays…



Frosty should have been cut off three rounds ago. And what’s with the day drinking, Frosty? 🙂

4. Holiday ornaments are neat. And there really is one for every person/taste. I have no problem with those. Nutcrackers? Another story!


Dachshund ornament on my parents’ Christmas tree.

5. High-gravity holiday ales. Especially ones that taste like spicy cookies. This one from Great Lakes is quite yummy – and packs a nice punch!


6. String lights, string lights, string lights. Go crazy with ’em. I can’t get enough! Strangle me with them!


Please don’t really strangle me with string lights! I’m NOT that kinky! And if I’m dead, I won’t be able to look at them again, will I? Except if I’m a really creepy Dickensian ghost…wooo!

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