Congratulations to the new My Trivia Live Champs!

Congratulations to One is the Loneliest Number for winning the first place/$2,500 prize in the My Trivia Live finals at Aubree’s in South Lyon today! I have personally done trivia battle with all four of these winning players in the past. Starting with Michael B: I first met him while playing at Powell’s Pub in Ypsilanti back in 2014, and we wound up quizzing each other about movie trivia on that first night (and still continue to quiz each other during games). I still see him fairly regularly while he conquers the trivia scene in multiple leagues – and on multiple nights (seriously, I don’t know where he gets all of this energy for trivia). Next up, Damon B. I’ve battled him in trivia on too many occasions to count, starting back in 2012 when his team More Beer Less Pants battled mine regularly at Sticks in Ypsilanti. And I’ve also engaged in too many solo trivia battles with him to count! I remember in a game at Original Gravity, we had this for a final question: Native American actor Will Sampson is best known for appearing in what Best Picture-winning movie, which was based on a celebrated 1962 novel in which his character was the narrator? I handed in my answer, and asked what he put, which was different from my answer. When I told him what I’d put down, he got a look on his face that was priceless…it was an “Oh f—” look…that’s when I KNEW I’d gotten it right! As for guy #3, Tyler, I really don’t know him well, but played against him quite a few times at Arbor Brewing Company Brewpub in downtown Ann Arbor. I was in a tiebreaker with him once, and joked, “We should ro-cham-beau for this tiebreaker.” He said coolly, “It’s not THAT important for me to win.” And last but not least, Lynn E. My team and myself did battle with him for a season or two at the Heidelberg in Ann Arbor, which no longer hosts trivia. In one of the game recaps about a particularly noisy trivia night, I said this about him: “Normally it’s so quiet in (The Heidelberg) that you easily hear the tapping of an ink pen (or pens) against the bar, as the lone player from What The Shibboleth passes the time in between questions by fidgeting.” Congrats again to this new group of champions! Hopefully we’ll see you in the next finals, as we try to reclaim the championship! 🙂

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