Trivia Recap – Sept. 28, 2017 – The Wurst Bar

It’s not unusual for us to begin a trivia season with kind of a “thud.” And so we were par for the course Wednesday in our first My Trivia Live game of the season at The Wurst Bar hosted by Stacy – no prize money, a measly 51 points heading into the final question, which was much, much tougher than the $160 Wurst “jackpot” question that was asked after the game (imho)! I’ll get more into that in a bit! Special thanks to you dedicated readers who bothered to visit my blog site to see the most recent recap from Oscar’s Grill in Saline (Saturday) – which I could not post on here because of…technical difficulties. I tried doing it on my laptop with no success, and went upstairs to use Mike’s computer – neither option was giving me any love! Not to be deterred (I am persistent and stubborn as f—), I managed to copy the text into an e-mail I was going to send myself, and Facebook wouldn’t even let me post the recap that way! So I copied the text into my WordPress blog, hooked y’all up with a link to that, and the rest is history! The blog is starting to get a bit more traffic, I used to describe it as the loneliest spot on the Internet! Back to the game, we were down a ‘Pod, since our normal fourth John had somewhere much, much more exciting to be (can’t wait to hear all about it, btw)! And the questions, some of which may be heavily abridged…
Round One
1. Food – What word originating from Aztec translates to “avacado sauce?” 5
2. Shakespeare – In William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet,” which of these two dies first? Brain farted here, “someone” may have misunderstood the question…miss for 3.
3. At the Bookstore – Who wrote the recent book ‘What Happened?” 1
Round Two
1. Movie Adaptations – What 1986 novel was adapted into a 1990 TV miniseries, and most recently into a theatrically released film? A bit of hiccuping, but got it for 5.
2. ’80s – On what device were “crazy calls” meant to be played? 3
3. Unions – What does SAG stand for when referring to the union representing entertainers? For an extra three point bonus, SAG merged with the union AFTRA, which is headed by what person, who was an actor on “Beverly Hills: 90210?” I had good instincts with my guess, but nope, we took a guess and missed, so no points. My thinking was, “(blank) got all the power she has from her famous daddy, and she’s not really doing anything else these days.” No teams got this correct. First “tell” that this wasn’t going to be our night!
Round Three
1. The Lottery – An “American Gladiator” activity shares its name with what multi-state lottery? 5
2. Europe – In what modern country is Transylvania located? 3
3. Kid Literature – In Shel Silverstein’s “The Giving Tree,” what fruit does the boy enjoy eating from that tree? Interesting that Hugh Hefner died Wednesday, as Silverstein was a regular contributor to “Playboy.” Despite his being best known as a children’s author, he had kind of a dark side. his “ABZ Book” is proof of that! I gave this to Mike for Christmas about 15 years ago…do NOT read this one to your kids!


Excerpt from Silverstein’s “ABZ Book.”

Halftime – Name four of the six synonyms for “dumb” (not including dunderhead). I didn’t hear this question really well, unsure if any source material was cited or not. But this was our task…managed to get all of these correct.
Scores – Ten teams, scores 20 to 33, with us and two other teams tied for first. Team pants was a bit behind with 31 (they will jump ahead of us in the second half…spoiler)!
Round Four
1. Anniversaries – What gemstone signifies a 55th wedding anniversary? Newsletter clue, 6.
2. Germany – What German word was used to describe the night of “The Night of Broken Glass” on Nov. 9, 1938? 4
3. Organizations – “blood and fire” is known as the war cry of what charitable international organization? Miss for 2.
Round FIve
1. Body Parts – The filtrum is found between what two parts of the body? Miss for 2.
2. Expensive Things – At $4.8 million, what item is the most expensive of its kind according to Digital Trends magazine? Huh? Miss for 4.
3. Rock Bands – As alluded to in two different titles of their albums, from what city are The Killers? Had I not had the two album titles listed, I would have gotten this right, so this one is on me! Miss for 6, blew this ENTIRE round! Speaking of rounds, can we get another round of whiskey sodas, please? 🙂
Round Six
1. Wars – “Bonus Army” marchers were veterans of which war, and were seeking payment for their services? 6
2. White House – Within one, how many days elapsed between announcement of Anthony Scaramucci’s appointment as President Trump’s communications director and his firing? We had the number of days he was in his job exact, but this was not what the question had asked…a similar question was asked in Learned League earlier that day. Seriously…this was NOT our game! Miss for 4.
3. Exercise – “Star Jumps” are also known as what type of common exercise in Great Britain? 2
Scores – Ten teams, scores 44 to 61 with Team Laser in first. We were tied with one other team in sixth with 51, Team Pants was in second with 57 points.
Final Category – 19th Century Figures
Who was the only person to serve as governor of two different states and as a foreign head of state, doing so in the 19th century?
Zero bets prevailed here…Team Pants, 57; Team Laser, 61; and Trivia (???), 56.
After the game was wrapped up, Stacy picked a random team to answer this question for $160: “Who was the only U.S. president to serve non-consecutive trems?” Stacy said she had asked this question before to other teams and several had missed it. Maybe questions are only easy because you happen to know them? Yes, this was something I learned in third grade history class…and on “The Simpsons,” when Grandpa said he was spanked on two non-consecutive times by this guy. Maybe I’ll have to meme that one…hmmm!
Until next time…which will be a “special engagement” tonight at Salt Springs Brewery in Saline for a Josh M.  game. A retiree-to-be will be among our “guests!” As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Romeo and Juliet!

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