Part Four – Buffy the Vampire Slayer Trivia Questions

Who can get enough of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer?” Obviously we can’t! Here are some more questions for you to stake!
1. Slayers – What was the name of the slayer killed by Drusilla?
2. Magic Men – What was the four-letter name of the man who helped supply Willow with magic when she was turning into “Dark Willow?”
3. Demons – What was the name of the affable lop-eared demon who was friends with Spike – and sometimes employed as a babysitter for Dawn? Bonus if you can name what cute animal he had an “affinity” for…he is pictured with this post if this helps!
4. Creatures – What type of menacing creature, who wants to eat babies, was accidentally summoned by Anya and Willow? This creature was one of Anya’s ex-boyfriends. Bonus if you know his name.
5. Alter Egos – What was the name of the male counterpart for Glory?
6. Murder Victims – What does Faith do with the body of the mayor’s aide after she kills him?
7. Girlfriends – What was the name of the blonde (and vapid) former Sunnydale High School student who was turned into a vampire during the attack on the high school at the end of season three? She also briefly dated Spike.
8. Businesses – Willy’s Bar was primarily frequented by what type of creatures – and visited frequently by Buffy when she wanted to hit up Willy for information? More than one answer acceptable here.
9. Burger Joints – What was the name of the burger joint where Buffy worked?
10. Mothers – What is Buffy’s mother’s first name? Bonus – what now late actor played her boyfriend in one episode, who was later revealed to be a robot?

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