Buffy the Vampire Slayer trivia Questions (Part One)

A pub trivia company is serving an all “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” theme trivia night Wednesday, Sept. 20 in several cities across the United States. Unfortunately, no cities in Michigan are on this list! With that said, here are some of our own “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” trivia questions for y’all to chew on! See how you do on these! We’re not “dumbing down” any of these (no hints, no multiple choices). Only hard-core “Buffy” fans need bother trying to answer these!
1. Last Names – What is Buffy’s last name?
2. Last Words – Whose last words were “Well, gosh?”
3. Magic Components – When Willow and the rest of the “gang” were attempting to resurrect Buffy from the dead in Season Six, they needed an urn belonging to whom?
4. Nicknames – Before adopting the nickname “Spike,” what was his previous nickname?
5. Phobias – What is Anya most terrified of?
6. Nationalities – What was Angel’s nationality by birth?
7. Actors – What Academy Award-winning actor appeared in Season Five and portrayed a demon?
8. Other Roles – Name either the actor or the character from “Buffy” who also played “Quark” on “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine?”
9. Episode Names – What is the name of the musical episode of “Buffy?”
10. Quotes – What “Buffy” character first said “Want…take….have?” when breaking into a store selling weapons?

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