Trivia Recap – September 28, 2015 – ABC Brewpub (blood red moon trivia night)

Sunday was the night of the much-hyped “blood moon” and a night for infusing some fresh blood into our trivia team’s lineup. You know those nights at the bar where a friend invites a friend and that friend a friend, and that friend brings a friend? Yeah, that pretty much sums up what happened.  Speaking of friends, maybe there’s a friend out there that you’ve recently decided to ignore and you’ve stopped conversing with them. Why not take this day – the day of the Total Solar Eclipse – and put your negative feelings about this person aside? Read your unread messages – try to let go of the feelings that drove you to do what you did. The person you cut off might be kind of hurt by all of this, too. The sun and moon are natural enemies, after all – and today were joined in solar matrimony for a few minutes! If the sun and moon can set aside their differences, well anyone can! Think about this… As for the game, we finished in first place for the night with 137 points and two second-place prizes. Good news is we won a tiebreaker question – but then, that tiebreaker question didn’t “technically” happen. More about those shenanigans later! We hit up Arbor Brewing Company where Sporcle Live with Liz was substituting for regular host Charlie.
Special thanks to guest players Lin, Brandon, Geoff, and the woman from Spain whose name we did not catch. Also thanks Joel for coming out for the first time in a few weeks!
And on to the questions…
1. Transportation – What colorful item was used to identify cars used by the Lyft transportation company until 2015? Newbie Geoff and Joel were all over this one…
2. Beer – Anchor Brewing Company, known for its signature Anchor Steam beer is located in which U.S. state? Joel and Heather here.
3. World Leaders – 24 Sussex Drive is the address for the official residence of what country’s prime minister? Brad.
4. Parodies – What “Baywatch” parody starring Tim Stack aired on FX for three seasons from 2000 to 2002? This question is a repeat, and a couple of us got so nostalgic about this show that we rented it on Netflix. True story…
5. Stock Symbols – What company known for its fleet of trucks trades under the letter “R” on the New York Stock Exchange?
6. Rap Music – What was the name of Dr. Dre’s solo album in 1992? Nope, we did not have the right mix of players for getting this one right. Miss for 1.
7. Races – What MLB team features races between innings involving six costumed pierogis? Re-cap writer Heather has kind of a mild phobia of furries and costumed mascots, and being the glutton for punishment that she is, did a google image search of said mascots while doing this re-cap. She shuddered…it’s terrifying, simply terrifying. This should not be. Miss for 2.
8. 2000s movies – Audio clue featuring a re-enactment of a scene from a Denzel Washington film. Did not recognize it. Miss for 4.
9. World Capitals – What is the only world capital in the western hemisphere beginning with the letter “H?” For nerd points, what is the only capital in the entire world beginning with the letter “z?” Got both.
10. Animals – What is the national animal of Spain? And what a game to have an actual visiting resident from said country!
Mystery: Before OR After? Identify whether a given year for an event is before or after the actual event.
1. 1970 – first people to summit Mount Everest.
2. 1996 – Bill Clinton is impeached.
3. 1865 – Battle of Gettysburg
4. 1938 – Alexander Fleming discovers penicillin.
Got them all, but agonized over #4 a bit.
Heading into the final: Ten teams battled it out, with the Corn Fritters and Bed, Bath and Beyonce tied for first with 61 points. We trailed them by just one point with 60 points, playing under the not-so-subtle pseudonym Dr. Cthulhu and the Electric Mayhem.
Final category: Gambling
Name one of the two U.S. states in which there are no forms of legal gambling.
Interestingly enough, we opted NOT to gamble on this category, which we feared might be about the World Series of Poker, the finer points of Blackjack, or anything in between. We were wise to wager this way, since we could only come up with one of those correct states (the one state that every team managed to get). We finished in second with 80 points behind the Corn Fritters. Go Fritters!
Game Two
1. Chess – Of 20 possible first moves in chess, how many do not involve a pawn? Brad.
2. Soccer – What is the name of the MLS team that plays its home games in RFK Stadium? Newbie Geoff for the points.
3. 1970s movies – Who played “The Wiz” in the movie of the same name? We incorrectly guessed Quincy Jones, but felt it was a good guess in retrospect, especially since he actually appeared in the movie as a different character.
4. Medicine – Gastroenterology is the study of what system of the human body? Yup, an easy science question.
5. MTV – Within one, in what year did “The Osbournes” premiere on MTV? We were off by a few years and didn’t get the “dead on” nerd bonus.
6. Populations – After Illinois and Ohio, what are the two most populous states beginning with vowels? We are famous for flunking these questions. We didn’t this time! Thank you Sporcle quizzes 🙂
7. Alma maters – Spike Lee, Samuel L. Jackson, and Jay Johnson are all graduates of what private liberal arts college in Georgia? Geoff again for the points.
8. Academy Awards – The 2014 film “Citizenfour,” which won the Academy Award for best documentary, focused on what controversial person? Geoff again.
9. Fast Food – What fast-food chain had a salad bar that they dubbed the Superbar? Heather here.
10. Duets- Jason Mraz peformed the 2009 song “Lucky” with what other person? No teams got this one.
Mystery: Got them all.
Heading into the final: Ten teams battled it out again. We were in second again with 57 points. The Honorable Pobsbawmians were in first with 59 points.
Final category: Periodic Table
Of the five elements on the Periodic Table with a four-letter name, which one is NOT a solid at room temperature?
We wound up in a tiebreaker with the “honorable” team for first place. We had to answer in what year “The Partridge Family” first aired. Knowing the category was TV, but had to send up one representative. Oh, the presssure! Well, a team captain’s work is never done, and the buck was passed to Heather, who wound up hitting the year dead-on! But wait…turns out that either the “Honorable” team had crappy handwriting, or host Liz misread their points wager for the final question. They were the true winners of game one. We were not the least bit disappointed, since we walked away with $30 for the night, and hey, these things happen, right? We were so excited to hit a tiebreaker question year dead-on (something we don’t manage to do that often) that it really didn’t matter to us. Plus maybe we were a bit giddy from the combination of Oktoberfest bier and the full moon. Until next time, which in this case will be Wednesday at Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery. For inquiring minds who must know, our next trip to Johnny’s Grill is being postponed until Oct. 6. We look forward to another battle with More Beer Less Pants, but unfortunately, it cannot happen this week. Go Pods!

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